Home Methods of Hair Straightening: Hot Oil Treatment

Today I’m coming to you with my favourite home methods that help me keep the hair straight. Obviously, nothing can replace the effect produced by the flat iron warmed up to a few hundred degrees but sometimes it’s worth using more natural methods so as to let our hair have some rest. To be honest, my hair has been in appalling conditions recently. Since I don’t look good in curly hair, I decided to experiment a little bit with making hair straight in more natural ways.

I’m aware of the fact that the flat iron lovers won’t change their minds but I hope that these pieces of advice I’m going to share with you will be useful for girls who want to improve condition of their hair, making it smoother and less curly. Enjoy the reading!

Hot Oil Treatment for Hair

I bet you’ve already know how much I adore oils. I apply them onto my entire body and hair oil treatment is my favourite beautifying procedure. No wonder why I started experimenting with the oils so as to find out whether I manage to obtain the looked-for effect of straight hair. For the time being, I want to tell you that this method does work!

Hair oil treatment is a very effective way of making hair smooth, disciplining all the unruly flyaways and making strands straighter. Although oils are mostly used to define the natural curl of hair, I discovered then when applied in, let’s say, hot manner, the oils load hair and deliver smoothness. Certainly, the effect isn’t flat iron alike but I think that still it’s worth doing this. On the whole, when treated with hot sesame or almond oil, my hair becomes way easier to style, isn’t affected by frizz and, obviously, is full of natural shine.

How to do this?

  1. Warm up a little bit of a chosen oil (I use a microwave but you can do this in a pot, as well). Important! The oils mustn’t be super-hot since we will scald ourselves. It has to be warmed up well because in this way all nourishing substances of an oil penetrate hair shafts way better. Just a few trials and surely you will master this technique.
  2. Massage the warm oil into hair and the scalp. Remember that if you want to treat your scalp with an oil, you have to use only natural oils or mixtures free from parabens, silicones and other muck. In general, oil hair treatment has to be performed using a natural substance so full-of-alcohol Kerastase is out of the table. I really don’t want you to harm yourself because of me.
  3. It’s worth giving a 15-minute massage to our scalp since this will stimulate blood circulation and help the oil penetrate the dermis.
  4. Always let the oil sit on your hair for an hour or two (depending on the amount of time we have at our disposal). Sometimes even 30 minutes is O.K. Then, you have to remove the oil with a shampoo, as usual, and make the hair dry. I encourage those of you who don’t blow-dry hair to start doing that because the hot air produced by the device also helps the hair to become smooth and gain elasticity.

Please, share your opinions concerning hot oil treatment effects!

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