Lashcode – New Mascara Four-Month Test

mascara Lashcode - test

Hey, beautiful ladies!

How are you doing? I’m a bit tired after yesterday’s beauty trade shows. Although I look quite fatigued, my eyelashes – changelessly for four months – look FAN-TAS-TIC!

I owe it to Lashcode mascara. I didn’t expect something would surprise me in the world of mascaras but… Lashcode definitely broke the codes to my lashes and has taken care of them as no other mascara before.

Lashcode - number one mascara

After four months of use, I can tell you a lot about it. There’s a detailed description of Lashcode on the website but does the cosmetic deliver promised effects? Here’s the info you’ll find on Lashcode website:

  • the mascara is supposed to ensure extension, thickness, precise separation and volume, creating the fan of eyelashes.
  • Lashcode is the one and only mascara that works as a strengthening and protecting conditioner; lots of nutrients penetrate each lash and get under the tiny scales, protecting on the outside as well as reinforcing and beautifying from within.
  • Lashcode mascara includes high-quality eyelash growth boosting ingredients; lashes don’t only gain strength but also slightly lengthen. As a result, eye makeup is getting more beautiful and perfect day by day.

Let’s leave the theory. Does Lashcode deliver on the promise?

To be honest, I was a bit skeptical at first. I thought a mascara wasn’t able to bring so many advantages. Effects have gone beyond my expectations. I’ glad I didn’t bet with anyone that the mascara wouldn’t work… I would definitely lose. Below, I write about the Lashcode effects and my lashes after the first application (first impression), after four weeks and after four months.

Lashcode Mascara – First Impressions

I ordered Lashcode on the official website. I had it delivered quickly – carefully packed cosmetic. I got enchanted by the beautiful, elegant and monochromatic tube and spiral wand. An ideally-shaped brush covered with the velvety mascara. Another cool thing about Lashcode is that the mascara doesn’t leave clumps on the wand which is common in lots of mascaras (right after opening!). In such cases I always had to wash the spiral. In case of Lashcode – I didn’t have to.

Lashcode - how to use

Coating lashes with the mascara turned out to be pure pleasure. Lashcode wand is very handy; it doesn’t leave any smudges, clumps or spots. The consistency allows for building volume and length without having to apply next layers. The mascara doesn’t stick lashes together. It separates them nicely. I finally understood the meaning of ‘mascara reaches every eyelash’. I had an impression I suddenly got billions of them. I also love the powdery, velvety and intense black formula as well as the precise spiral that ensures fast and easy makeup.

Lashcode Mascara – After Four Weeks

After using the mascara for a month, I could see stronger lashes that stopped falling out while removing makeup. I tested Lashcode in various weather conditions – it always worked great, despite not being waterproof. Lashcode doesn’t flake, clump or run. Its consistency didn’t change much after a month – the mascara delivered the same makeup yet there was a small difference: as my lashes got strongly nourished, they looked much better after coating with the cosmetic.

LASHCODE mascara – Effect in make-up

Lashcode Mascara – After Four Months

I was surprised the mascara slightly lengthened my eyelashes. Since they’re healthier, Lashcode enhances their looks even more so. I’m still impressed by the mascara’s consistency – it’s fresh and I can use it next several weeks. Lashcode is still long-wear yet the wand starts picking up a bit less of the product.

Lashcode Mascara – After Four Months

From the first to the last application, Lashcode mascara is flawless and gifts lashes with beautiful appearance from within (nourishes and repairs) and on the outside (perfect eye makeup).

I must be fair. I’ve never been so much in love with a mascara before. This product is a totally positive surprise and I think Lashcode won’t be dethroned by other mascaras in the near future. I recommend it to everyone – teenagers who aren’t skilled in makeup and mature women who desire to provide their lashes with strongly nourishing and beautifying ingredients.

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23 Comments “Lashcode – New Mascara Four-Month Test”

  1. Gabby19

    the tube lasts four months? i mean, won’t mascara dry out during this time?/

    • Tinnaaaa

      I also had this mascara for 4 mths and it really was constantly coating my lashes the same way. I can’t say much about lash condition improvement cause I’ve been using an eyelash serum so my lashes are really cute and long and strong. But when it cmes to thre mascara itself, I can recommend it to you since it’s truly amazing… the effect… superb! <3

      • Agness

        what was the eyelashs erum you hadd?

        • Tinnaaaa


  2. LazyDay

    I came across a few rewievs of thsi mascara and all the bloggers write about the longevity of this product. Does it really stay true on lashes all day???Even when I apply good (read expensive) mascara then I have to touch up the lashes at least once a day.

    • Magdalene

      expensive doesn’t always mean good, I had a few fails with pricy and famous mascaras, I know a high price usually goes with high quality but it isn’t always like this. I bought this one because of ingredients and working like a serum. No regrets 🙂

  3. Mica

    The best ive ever had!

  4. EmillySs.

    where to get it from?

  5. JackieBrown

    I’m turning to all the girls who have this mascara – is it really that good? I find it rather costly for me and i don’t want to risk

    • JuniCity

      It’s lots of money for me too but it’s worth it. Effect is awesomeeeee!!!! To be honest, I don’t know how to describe it, surely it;s outstanding and I wouldn’t even expect that my lashes are so pretty and that there so many of them 🙂

      • MonicaFri

        It gives incredible extension and thickening but without sticking lashes together – finally I’ve found out what open eye effect REALLY means. I don’t know about the conditioning effects becasue I’ve been using it just a few days but I’m amazed by the product 🙂

        • Adelle

          The brush is great cause it sepataes lashes even if a few coats applied.

  6. K.K.

    for the time being I’ve found my best mascara 🙂 I recommend Lashcode to every girl

  7. Agnesss27

    I can’t rememeber the last cosmetic that made such an impression on me and there’s no exaggeration.. I think it’s the best mascara I’ve ever had

    • StMilene

      I wasn’t so amazed but it’s good indeed. It does extend lashes but I’m not entirely satisfied with the thickening. I like spider legs 😀

      • Diana

        OMG… to me the best thing in this mascara is maximum volume boosts and somehow the effect still looks natural

  8. Ajlo

    after precise coating you really get the fan of eyelashes 🙂

  9. Mabelle

    apart from this one, are there any other mascaras that work like lash serums? I can’t think of any…

  10. QSGH

    This isn’t an eyelash extending product but a mascara with nourishing substances so it conditions and strenghtens but after all it’s to coat the lashes perfectly and this is what it does

  11. Mapett

    Need to get it 🙂

  12. Caroline

    I’m always very skeptical towards such new arrivals but must say your review encouraged me to test it. Other bloggers rave about this product too so there must be something to it 🙂

  13. Olive1985

    Outstanging mascara! Even if it hadn’t got all the nourishing substances, it would still be worth the price because the effect is incredible 😉


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