My New Favorite! Nanoil Vitamin C Face Serum Review

I know you’ve been waiting for this review way too long but here it is! Today I give all of my attention to my skin care favorite: Nanoil Vitamin C Face Serum. Does it work out well for my complexion? How do I use it? Has it surprised me? Keep reading to find out!

Does Nanoil Vitamin C Face Serum work out well for me?

To be honest, I had a feeling it would become my favorite once I started using it. After a month with the serum, I can’t imagine my skin care routine without it. It makes my skin look fresh, softens it, and gives a healthy shine. The forehead lines are gone while post-acne marks are fading. Apart from the effects that I can clearly see, the serum works by intensifying sun protection of SPF creams and minimizes the effect of photoaging. A small bottle holds the liquid that really handles many skin problems. My skin is dry and sensitive but Nanoil Serum never causes any irritations. The maker says the serum works well for any skin type. I’ve placed an order for other serum for my mom, also from Nanoil.

How do I use my Nanoil Vitamin C Face Serum?

The directions on the official site say you can apply the serum morning/evening or twice a day. I use mine in the AM after face wash and toner, massaging the skin to stimulate it. I never skip the neck; it needs nourishing too. I give the serum a minute to be absorbed and follow with an SPF moisturizer, apply make-up or go make-up-free. The cool thing is the fast absorption and the fact that Nanoil is a good base keeping my make-up untouched.

Nanoil Vitamin C Face Serum. Any surprises?

To be honest, I was taken aback by the size of the bottle. I must have skipped the information about the volume while placing my order. It has 1.69 oz, which is the biggest serum I’ve ever come across. Considering the amount we get, the price is fair, and I’m not surprised it’s hard to get it. Hurry up and get your own face serum from the official site: The delivery was super fast!

Post a comment! Is Nanoil Vitamin C Face Serum your favorite too? <3

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