How to Clean Make-Up Brushes? My Proven Methods


You use them every day and you probably do not even know how many bacteria is settles on them. Brushes allow you to create the most beautiful make-up. However, when they are kept on the shelf, dust and pollution gather on them. If you do not clean them, between the bristle is left the foundation or eye shadows that are perfect for bacteria proliferation. Then you transfer it to the face with the next make-up and that leads to the acne. This is why, today, I will teach you how to clean make-up brushes.

How often should you wash your make-up brushes?

It depends on the brush. Applicators for liquid cosmetics (concealers, BB or CC cream, foundations) should be washed every day. Why? Maybe because these are products where bacteria proliferation is very fast. Besides, liquid cosmetics dry right after the application on the bristle and that makes future make-up much more difficult. However, brushes for the loose cosmetics, clean at least once every two months.

What should you use to clean the make-up brushes?

Cleaning brushes with a soft soap is the most popular among women. Detergents that are contained in it will easily remove all the pollution and bacteria. For the wash of the applicators come handy also shampoos, oils or make-up removers. The best method for cleaning the brushes is to use specially designed for this cosmetics and disinfecting liquids.

Washing the brushes — step by step

Soak brushes in the bowl with warm water or rinse it under the running tap water. Remember that the grip cannot be wet because it can damage the brush. It is significantly important in a case of brushes made with natural materials. Then take some washing liquid and thoroughly rub it in the bristle. It will take several minutes, but believe me — it is worth the time.

The excess water remove with a paper towel. Spray bristle with disinfecting liquid available at every pharmacy. Wipe the brush one more time and place it on the towel to dry. Do not use the blow-dryer and do not place the brushes on the radiator. Drying this way can damage the grip and the bristle. What should you do so that the brush preserve its natural shape? On the Internet, you can buy special casing that let the air in. Thanks to them (and the regular wash) your brushes will surely stay with you for a very long time.

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