Heat Protectant Sprays: My Tried & Trusted Products

How to head heat damage off? All women who blow-dry or heat-style their hair ask this question. The strong sunlight in the summer also does harm and turns hair into dull strands. How to prevent damage? A heat protectant spray is a remedy. My hair’s gotten stronger and better-looking since I got myself one. See my top recommendations!

What does a heat protection spray do?

A thermo spray eases styling routine and protects the hair from heat damage. It can be used either on damp or dry hair. Apart from delivering hold and smoothness, it also saves the strands from the harmful effect of dryers, curling wands or flat irons, but also the UV rays.

Why should you get a heat protection spray?

Using such a product should be an essential step in your hair care routine. Not only does it lower the risk of damage from heat and prevent loss of hydration (dryness), but also helps style the hair, delivering shine and smoothness. A heat protectant can also act as a great conditioner – the best products are rich in nutrients which gradually strengthen the hair shaft. Which item to choose then? Check out the list of my favorites.

The Best Heat Protectant Sprays – List of My TOP Picks


It’s the best hair item I’ve ever had. Nanoil products never let me down so neither did this spray. It’s both a super-light styling primer and a strongly-protective agent. It doesn’t overburden the strands, but adds smoothness and gloss, making the hair nicer to the touch. The Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray prevents color fading and dryness in the summer, and holds back static flyaways and loss of hydration in the winter.

The spray smells amazing and the scent stays on long. The formula uses polymers to form a coating which protects from the sunlight but also pollution, toxins and smog. Nanoil is great when you want to secure the hair during summer holidays or from the external aggressors in the city! If you think it merely protects from heat or beautifies, let me tell you it brilliantly nourishes the hair and improves its condition because it’s rich in silk-derived proteins. A 200-ml bottle lasts long. All in all, Nanoil has the best effect on my tresses! You must give it a shot too! <3

Visit – www.nanoil.us


It’s pricey (costs twice as much as Nanoil) and doesn’t last long but it does have a strong conditioning effect because it abounds in oils and botanical extracts. The formula includes castor oil, jojoba oil, anti-inflammatory and soothing comfrey leaf extract, antistatic and anti-bacterial oak bark extract, and moisturizing prickly pear extract which additionally protects from the UV radiation. Oils ‘served” in a spray are lightweight, non-overburdening and create a pleasant-to-apply, hydrating hair mist. Like any hair product, too much will make your strands look as though you used a hair wax or pomade.


Bumble and Bumble is my first choice in the summertime! Mostly because it’s light-textured and has this amazing tropical scent that makes me think of a summer getaway. It’s a blend of six oils so I put it only on wet hair after getting out of the sea, for example. It was perfect for keeping sun damage away. It didn’t work well when I used it on dry hair, though. I guess the oil-based formula would prove better on coarse and damaged strands. The product contains grapeseed, coconut, almond, macadamia, argan and safflower oil. The oils maintain optimal hydration in hair and keep the color from fading, plus protect from the sunlight (oils are natural sunscreen; it’s low SPF but still it does protect). I’m sure you’ll love the Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil if you’ve got curls – it’s perfect for taming frizz. We get a 250-ml bottle for a quite high price.


A heat protectant by Davines has 250 ml and costs a lot. It’s actually the priciest in my roundup. Does the steep price result in wonderful effects? Not really. Simply put, the brand got a good name after launching the amazing hair oils and produces pricey cosmetics. The Davines Essential Haircare Melu Spray is really great for protecting, strengthening and nourishing the hair, but its price isn’t encouraging, especially when you hear of superb items for better prices. The formula contains deeply-nourishing extract from the lentil seeds which abounds in serine and glutamic acid. This spray strongly nourishes and repairs damaged hair shaft. It’s light-textured and lasts long. It’s good for thick but also fine hair.

Do you secure your hair against the heat, sunlight or cold weather? How do you control the frizz and static in the winter? If you’re searching for the best solutions, then a good heat protectant is a must.

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