How to take care od dehydrated skin? A brief characteristics, tips, tricks and cosmetics

dehydrated skin


Dry skin patches, irritations, roughness and the feeling of tightness. That’s the best description of a dehydrated skin. Do you know what it’s like? If your answer is yes, the read today’s post and find out what are my tips on the skin care regime and what cosmetics are worth using and which ones should be avoided. 

What’s dehydrated skin like?

People with dehydrated skin, suffer mostly during winter. Unfortunately, low temperatures and cold wind do their job and the face, hands, and other unsecured parts of the body are exposed to irritations, frostbite, dryness and damage. Besides the adverse weather conditions, what else can affect the dehydration of the skin? These are primarily: air conditioning, heating and dry air; solar radiation, taking medicine, improper care, a small amount of drinking water. Effect? You end up feeling burning, pinching, pulling and general discomfort.

How to determine whether the skin is dehydrated?

Not only wrinkles, dry skins and a feeling of tightness are the signs of the skin dehydration. There may also be problems with the whole organism, hair loss or frequent infections. There is even a simple test that will help you determine whether you are dehydrated or not. Pinch the skin between your thumb and forefinger. If it quickly returns to its original shape, the water level in your body is normal. If it takes a long time, you should use proper care and diet, and maybe even consult a doctor.

Cosmetics recommended for dehydrated skin 

Dehydrated skin is sensitive and prone to all kinds of irritations. That’s why you should immediately give up scrubs, acids and washing products filled with harsh detergents. Cosmetics with SLS content are also not recommended for such skin type. However, the things you should be using must create a protective coating on the skin and provide moisturising and nourishing effects. At a pharmacy, you can ask for humectants that will bind and attract water. Hyaluronic acid, glycerine, urea and panthenol also work well.

What is your skin type and how do you take care of it? Have you ever struggled with dehydrated skin? Please leave a comment!

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