Hot Trend Alert: Brow Lamination At Home. A Way For Fuller Eyebrows In An Hour!

brow lift

Hey there! Thick and fluffy eyebrows bring out the gaze wonderfully and add a youthful look to the face. This is one of my favorite trends of recent years! I know that not everyone is happy with the look of their eyebrows. Their daily styling and maintenance might be tricky and time-consuming. Treatments such as […]

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The 3 Best Brow Gels I’ve Had!

best brow gel reviews

It’s time for a little rundown. Today we’re talking brow gels – and not just any brow gels. Especially for you, I have prepared the ranking of my favorite brow gels, which leave the rest far behind 🙂 Are you curious about which brow gels made it to the top 3? If so, let’s get started! […]

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Which brow soap to choose? Some info about Nanobrow Eyebrow Styling Soap

Hello everyone, another post today! We’re going to talk about eyebrows, more specifically s o a p brows 🙂 Why soap brows? As you probably know, there weren’t brow mascaras, pomades or gels in the past. Hollywood actresses needed a cosmetic that would provide long-wear effects, so they used regular soap on their brows – […]

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Fabulous Brow Makeup Mascara! Nanobrow Shape Mascara – My Review

brow makeup mascara nanobrow

Dear readers! Are your eyebrows thin, lack definition, and sparse? Don’t worry about it, and above all: don’t let yourself be told they are not beautiful, because it’s not true! Your eyebrows just need something extra to bring out their beauty and charm 🙂 That’s why today I’m going to recommend a great brow mascara […]

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How to choose a foundation for your skin type? The most important rules

Hey! Choosing a foundation for your skin type is no easy task. You have to consider many variables while remembering that skin’s needs are the priority. If you have no clue where to start, this post will hand you some easy tips. Enjoy the read. How to choose a foundation for your skin type? When choosing […]

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New mascaras from Estee Lauder: Pure Color Envy. Keep an eye on them!

HI! Since coloured mascaras have hit the market, we all got carried away in the heat of the moment. Suddenly, eyes become colourful, makeups – extravagant, and girls’ styling – more courageous. Being amazed by the new trends, I also wanted to try out something new. I have decided to go for an Estee Lauder mascara […]

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IS Powder Mat Make Up from Manhattan the best full coverage and mattifying foundtion

Hiya, During my latest beauty-product shopping, I have encountered a foundation Powder Mat Make Up from Manhattan. I have heard many opinions claiming that it is the best full coverage and mattifying product. Therefore, I have decided to try it out myself and write a review for you. Did I like it? What are my thoughts […]

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How do BB creams work? Meet the summer alternative to foundations!

Girls, do you know the difference between a BB cream and a foundation? I have to admit that it wasn’t that long time ago when I thought there’s no difference between these two products. Simply, there was nobody to tell me that these cosmetics aren’t alike. Yes, yes… I used to think that BB cream […]

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Is Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick the Best in the World?

Hey! Lipstick is a finish touch of flawless makeup. I always need a sweep of a lipliner and lipstick. Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy is my choice. What are the effects and my fave hues? Find the answers in the post! Why I like Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipsticks? Pure Color Envy Lipsticks are […]

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My new cheek blush from Charlotte Tilbury – Cheek To Chic

Hello,  Do you know how to do a sassy makeup? The best answer to this question is given by the brand called Charlotte Tilbury. One of their cosmetics – Cheek to Chic blush will make your look classy and voguish. Keep on reading to discover what this precious cosmetic can do. Who will I recommend […]

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