Three Nanoil Hair Oils – How to Choose the Best One? Test, Review, Effects

nanoil best hair oil for you

Hey, girls! Let me greet you with triple the force because I’m going to tell you about three brilliant products that come under one name – Nanoil (that’s already known to many of you, that’s for sure). It’s a hair oil that’s been launched in three versions – each one is made for a different hair type (thick and easily weighed down; normal and fragile; dry and damaged) or to put it professionally – for a different type of hair porosity.

Tbh, I was curious about the way each one works and if my hair would feel the difference in the Nanoil version. I ordered three Nanoils and decided to test them for the sake of the blog and you. Obviously, I chose the one that worked best for me. A hair porosity test (widely-available online; I liked the one on the Nanoil website most) confirmed my insightful (>‿♥) observations. My hair has medium porosity. However, it doesn’t mean that two other versions failed. It was a positive surprise. First things first, though.

How are the three Nanoils different?

Obviously, the ingredients differ. Each one houses lots of natural oils which aren’t random. Every version contains different oils which precisely match the hair (you must know that oils are made up of different molecules, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, etc. so particular oils work for different hair types). Their content in each version is justified and none has been added at random.

Oils aren’t alone – they’re enriched with additional ingredients which beautify, repair and improve the condition of hair. The more over-processed and damaged the strands, the more enhancement they need. That’s why, the version for highly-porous and damaged hair includes (apart from the appropriate oils) liquid silk, keratin, panthenol and vitamin E. I was totally stunned by the plant extracts which block thinning and stimulate faster hair growth. They’re in all three versions of Nanoil.

Beside the components, the oils look very similar and you use them in the same way. How? Read on.

nanoil hair oil

Nanoil Hair Oil – how to use

Nanoil is free of parabens and silicones, scalp-friendly. Strengthening bulbs and stimulating them to work for faster growth is the secret missions of Nanoils. Of course, you can apply the product just to lengths or ends but you won’t make the most of the oil’s power and possibilities in this way. That is why the best oiling method (that I recommend, too) can be found here:

Apart from this method, I’ve got a technique which is as excellent – I like to apply the oil to dry hair and scalp (as a mask) and wash it off after 30 minutes. I discovered other possibilities of the oil.

Nanoil Hair Oil – benefits of each version

Although Nanoil for high porosity hair didn’t work so great when I applied it to the scalp (hard to wash away), it gave amazing effects when I applied it to the ends – moisturised, shiny and no longer frizzy. It was probably because my hair ends need more attention and strong repair after summer. I applied Nanoil for high porosity hair to damp hair (only to the ends!), too; after washing, as a leave-in product. It gave stunning effects. A bit of the oil was enough to see healthier strands. I still use this way when my hair tips get very dry.

Too bad, Nanoil for low porosity hair didn’t ‘get along’ with my hairdo. I had an impression it triggered frizz, making strands unmanageable and it didn’t moisturise as much as the two other versions. On the other hand, it’s going to be a saver for heavy and thick hair because it adds volume and shine. Still, there’s something positive that this version gave me: incredibly clean scalp. I think my hair is less greasy and thanks to the product, I get rid of the hairspray, mousse and gel build-up.

Nanoil for medium porosity hair turned out to be the best hair oil for me. It has won in my private comparison review. It’s precisely adapted to my hair and as a result, it gives maximum benefits for hair, bulbs and scalp.

It doesn’t weigh down, trigger frizz or tangling. Instead, it:

  • makes hair ideally hydrated and manageable
  • brings hair condition and sheen back
  • ensures easy detangling
  • leaves hair smooth, soft and voluminous
  • reduces the amount of hair I find on the brush (no more thinning)
  • protects against the heat
  • reinforces, eliminates frizz and static
  • nicely lifts the roots and moisturises the scalp

Nanoil - the best hair oil

Nanoil – review & assessment

I used Nanoils for 30 days, fairly devoting ten days to each version. I was surprised by the effects a bit. I didn’t expect that the effects would be so different, depending on the version. On the other hand, I didn’t expect all three products would give some benefits to my hair. Sadly, it’s too soon to say if it boosts the growth. I think my hair grows as fast as it did. Nanoil is an ideal for me; thanks to the selection of oils and beautifying and strengthening substances, it’s a product with the best ingredients on the market.

before and after usage of nanoil

How to check hair porosity?

I understand that not all girls feel like testing all three versions. You’d rather choose the one that’s going to provide your hair with the maximum care. That’s why you should do a hair porosity test; it’s available on the Nanoil website ( Doing so, you’ll find out about the condition and needs of your hair and – obviously – choose the right hair oil. I’m sure Nanoil isn’t going to disappear from the shelf in my bathroom. It’s been long since I got so fascinated by a hair product.

If you’ve also tested Nanoil or your hair matches either high or low porosity type – share your comments on how the product worked 🙂 Have a nice a day!

Nanoil for hair - my review

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18 Comments “Three Nanoil Hair Oils – How to Choose the Best One? Test, Review, Effects”

  1. sugar

    My hair leans toward low porosity but I appled the one dedicated to high porosity a few time. It did not turn out as bad for me, but the hair was overloaded.

  2. Joann

    It’s cool that this oil contains silk and keratin. you don’t have to apply them separately (and there’s not threat of weighing it down either)

  3. Maggie

    I just lve this oil! mine is for medium porosity hair! <3

  4. Alice

    Absolutely the best! after quit a few experiments with various hair care products I must admit that this oil is unbeatable

  5. Martiii

    I thought that only the one for low porosity hair can boost hair growth because that’s the only one with castor oil content. Cool! My hair ham medium porosity and I want it to become thicker and fuller

  6. Tiger

    each of them works like that, I am also using the one designed for medium porosity and after about half a year you can tell that it got thicker and denser

  7. Ollie

    it’s very efficient! I’ve bee using it for two weeks now and you can’t even see that it’s been used. Yes, it wasn’t cheap but it is definitely worth paying the price for such an luxurious product. In my opinon, it has a great consistency, and a beautiful delicate scent. Hair is easy to comb and there is no frizz! I truy recommend it to every girl with dry and damaged hair

    • Laura Em

      I can confirm! Finally, I have no problems with frizzy hair when it rains. Before, everytime it rained, even if I didn’t get wet, my hair looked horrible because it caught moisture from the air.

  8. Ssuzie

    I am thinking about buying this oil!

  9. Angie K

    I’ve encountered opinions that you can either increase or decrease the porosity of your hair. Is it really possible though?

    • Juliette91

      I think that if your hair has high porosity by nature, there is nothing you can do to improve it, however, you can definitely take better care of it and protect against harmful factors. but if your hair is highly porous because it’s damaged due to overusing the flat iron or dyeing/bleaching, it is possible to regenerate it and thus decrese the prosity. not sure though

      • Caroline

        I finally got back to my orignal porosity – LOW. It took me a lot of time and effort but it was so worth it! of course, I’l lcontinue using the oil because my hair look gorgeous 😀 and is easier to style

        • Aide

          was was your hair like before? Was it low or medium porosity? how long did it take? what type of oil did you use???

  10. Caroline

    My hair was very frizzy and burnt because of bleaching and straightening with a flat iron at the highest temperature. First, I’ve been using Nanoil for high porosity hair and once it run out, I changed it to the medium porosity one. It took me less than a year but the difference is incredible!

  11. gina_g

    I have dry and damaged hair and want to have medium porosity because this one seems the ideal one.

  12. Veronica

    I am using mythic oil by loreal and it works well but it can only be applied to the hair ends because if you apply it all over the hair, it looks greasy. I am curious how this would work, I’d love to try oiling the entire hair

  13. Daria666

    I ve aleady herd about this oil and even wanted to try it out but the price was kinda discouraging

  14. Karinaxxx

    The hair stylist that bleached my hair has recommended it to me as it was supposed to be the only remedy for damaged hair. she said it will protect it against procedure suh as bleaching and straightening. My hair is not damaged yet but I started applying oils before it gets too late.


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