Victoria’s Secret Angel Reveals Her 4 Beauty Secrets. Ready?

Would you like to know the beauty care routine of Victoria’s Secret Angels? What are their tricks to enjoy a non-stop beautiful skin, perfect silhouette and sparkling eyes? I am going to help you as I have been reading lots of interviews with the Angels. I am summing up the info about their everyday beauty care. Interested? Read on!

Secrets of Victoria’s Secret Angels

Do you know one of Victoria’s Secret Angels – Sara Sampaio? She has a beautiful figure, full lips and sexy look. Sara decided to share her beauty tricks. You can get lots of inspirations. The girl looks amazing with a strong make-up or without it. She looks great wearing any hairstyle. We know it is partly thanks to her beauty yet we would like to discover a few secrets that may bring us closer to perfect looks.

Here is Victoria’s Secret Angel’s advice for all women:

  • Everyday hair wash
    Models live a busy life. Their hairdos undergo lots of treatments almost every day. That is why they are forced to wash their hair daily to remove product build-up. It is the first secret of the angels. However, Sara admits she sometimes uses a dry shampoo in extreme cases. They boost volume and refresh the hairdo. Moroccanoil dry shampoo is her favorite product.
  • Diversity of hairdos and make-ups
    Appearing on the red carpet with the same hairstyle or make-up twice is a faux pas. If you want to feel like a star, go for diversity. Change your hairstyles; curly hair on one day, straight – the next day. It is also true about make-up; you have lots of possibilities.
  • In love with the highlighter
    Sampaio highlights that she can’t live without a highlighter 🙂 The cosmetic makes her face look healthy and radiant. The highlighter is the key product, even in a very simple make-up. It adds freshness. Benefit Watt’s Up Highlighter is her fave.
  • Relaxing massage
    Relaxation massages are most popular treatments among Victoria’s Secret Angels. They release tensions, add skin elasticity and firmness. To be honest, they are not as relaxing because a good massage must involve some pain. However, you feel like a new-born after such a treatment.

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