Let’s go to the beach! How to protect the hair from the sun and sea salt?

Summer is probably the worst time for our hair. Although … winter does not serve¬†it either. Nevertheless, in today’s post, I would like to discuss the issues of how to take care of my hair in the summertime. Holiday will come soon, so I think you will like it. ūüôā

Have you noticed (gentlemen too!) That our hair does not look so good after returning from vacation?¬†It is dull, rough, often split …

This is because during the summer holiday two very harmful things have an influence on our hair: the scorching sun and salty sea water (unless we are on a mountain trail, but then it can be, for example, salty sweat on our forehead). It has long been known that solar radiation does not treat us gracefully and we must protect ourselves from it. However, not everyone is aware that sea water is also a threat to the hair.

The influence of the sun on the hair

Most people talk about sun protection – not only the skin but also the hair. I would also like to remind you about it, because the sun has a devastating effect on our hair. It widens the scales, weakens the structure and destroys keratin – the key structural material making up hair. This way, irreversible damage may occur! The hair begins to break, become dry and fragile.

You’ve probably noticed that the sun rays are able to create a charming balayage – some strands are¬†highlighted and look like beautiful reflections. I am sorry to tell you: there is nothing to be happy about because it is a sign of hair damage. How come? It’s simple, under the influence of UV radiation, melanin is oxidized, i.e. a dye that turns from brown to beige. The sun’s influence on the hair is really huge and unfortunately not positive.

Do you know that…? Melanin is a natural barrier that protects our hair from the sun. It absorbs UV radiation. As a result, the summer hair is better protected by brunettes, while the blonde¬†strands are more vulnerable to the harmful effects of the sun.

The harmfulness of sea water

In the summer, the hair has no easy life … However, the sun is not¬†its only concern. Although we feel relaxed in the sea, our hair unfortunately does not share this enthusiasm. Under the influence of salt water, the strands swell – their scales open up, and the inner layers¬†aren’t protected. This is because the reaction of sea water is alkaline. As a consequence, the hair loses moisture and nutrients, become more rough, dull and brittle very quickly.

In fact, the sea water increases the harmfulness of the sun – salt particles act like a lens that concentrates ultraviolet radiation. Hair soaked in sea water absorbs more sunlight, becomes less resistant to external factors, such as heavy metals, which very often occur in the water of the seas and oceans.

Pro Tip! Do not dye your hair before going on holidays, because the sea water opens up the scales of hair, and thus contributes to the washing out of the pigment.


I often get asked how to take care of hair in the summer? Is it necessary to match the hair care to its type? Are there any general rules for summer hair care?

It would be best to avoid contact with harmful agents at all. In this case, sunbathing and swimming in the sea would be forbidden. Also, a foil cap and a hat would be useful. But I know it’s all funny and impractical solutions.¬†Obviously, when we are going on holiday, we will not just sit in a hotel room all day. So I decided to¬†make a list of general rules that will help you reduce your losses.

Here’s how hair care should look like in the summertime.

1. SPA for hair before departure

Weak hair is much more susceptible to damage, so before leaving, it is worth treating¬†it to an at-home SPA. We usually¬†go on a planned holiday, so 2-3 weeks before it, let’s do a thorough hair regeneration treatment with the use of oils, masks, ampoules. The selection of products is wide and optional. It is important to strengthen the hair from the inside.

2. Emollient protection – oils, sunblock, silicones

Before we go to the beach, we must provide proper protection for the hair.¬†In his case, emollients seem to be ideal, that is ingredients that settle on the hair, which prevent loss of hydration and hinder access to deeper layers of hair. The perfect protection against the sun and salt. There are several types of emollients: natural oils, silicone serums or mists with UV filters. However, you must bear in mind that they are all impermanent, so you have to use them regularly, eg everytime you come out of the water. It’s just worth having some oil at hand.

3. Shower after returning from the beach

If only you have the opportunity (for instance, if you’re not camping), you should take a shower after every bath in the sea. We can feel clean, but it is not about washing dirt. While showering, the fresh water will rinse down the salt from both the hair and skin. After the bath, the hair should be tied in¬†a bun on the top of your head to limit the absorption of irritating salt water and to prevent the hair from drying too quickly in the sun.

4. Hair conditioner after washing

When we come back from the beach in the evening and we are going to go to sleep, we should wash our hair thoroughly. Make sure to use delicate shampoos not to irritate the delicate scalp. SLS and SLES are not advisable. However, it is very important that after washing your hair, you always use a conditioner – it can be a regular one and it does not have to be expensive. What is more, you should not be afraid of using silicones in the summer, which are contained in a conditioner because they smooth out and protect the hair.

5. Wide-brimmed hat

A very nice option, which I love, is simply the most ordinary hat with a wide brim. Not only does it look brilliant, it also protects our hair and face from the harmful effects of solar radiation. I thoroughly recommend this solution!

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