TOP 5 cosmetics I always have with me

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What type of cosmetics do you usually keep in your purse?

I know that there are girls who like to carry the entire cosmetic bag with them. I’m not one of them. I usually have only 5 products with me that help me take care of myself during the day. Is it a lot or too little, you need to judge for yourself? I encourage you to see what I have in my carry-on cosmetic bag. 🙂


Those are products that I cannot imagine myself going out without. They rescue me in situations when my skin is dry and at the moment I am out of the house running errands and I need a quick fix.

No. 1 Lip balm

Dry and chapped lips are possibly the worst thing. I hate the roughness of lips and the tightening sensation. Sadly I deal with it quite often due to my tendency to licking and biting my lips when stressed. For this reason, I always have lip balm. At this point, it became sort of a habit to reach to my bag and apply it. Thanks to it my lips are not dry, look hydrated, soft, and protected against moisture loss.

No. 2 Hand cream

It is similar to the skin of hands which likes to be parched and flaky, especially in the winter. I have thin skin so it loses water pretty fast and is prone to irritations so hand cream saves me in every situation when my hands are exposed to external factors, whether it is water, temperature, or sun. I like best hand cream with urea which is amazing when it comes to hydration but oil-based formulas are also great. What matters most is to choose hand cream accordingly to your needs.

No. 3 Rose Mist

I fell in love with the mist two years ago while on vacation in Rome. It was so hot, the heat pouring from the sun and the high temperature but I just couldn’t say no to the walks all around this beautiful city. The mist brought the soothing effect I so desperately needed. It refreshed and cooled down my skin. Since then I always have a small bottle of rose mist with me. Just in case I need to freshen up real quick. In theory, the same role can be filled by wet tissues but somehow it is easier for me to use the rose mist because I adore the rose cloud that coats my face.

No. 4 Translucent powder

Among the cosmetics that I cannot leave the house is also translucent powder. Some people use blotting sheets but I prefer to go to the bathroom and if necessary, apply some powder using a puff that goes with the powder. Why did I choose translucent powder? Because I use it only to mattify my skin and not for the make-up. An additional benefit of this powder is that it’s universal and if necessary I can refresh my hair (it is great to absorb sebum at the roots) but also my feet too, for example, avoid blisters after a long walk. You need to admit that it is quite clever, don’t you think?

No. 5 Shea butter

Last is my FAVE, i.e. shea butter. The big jar of it I have in my bathroom but I took some of it to a small jar and I always have it with me. It is great for scratches, wounds, redness, chapped, and dry skin. It is versatile cosmetic that can be used for the face, body, hands, feet, etc. I love it!

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