Dear Diary… New collection by Chanel: Travel Diary FW 2017/18

Hello, Girls!

Today, I’m going to tell about the new cosmetic collection by Chanel, Travel Diary fall — winter 2017/2018. Face for the campaign became Kristen Stewart, an actress known, among many, for her role in the “Twilight” saga. However, the cosmetic line was created by Lucia Pica. Is it worth to test new cosmetics by Chanel?

What cosmetics in Travel Diary collection by Chanel?

These are palette with concealer, blusher and highlighter in three shades, creamy eye shadow in two colours, quadruple eye shadow also in two colours, black eyeliner, waterproof brow pen in six shades, two lipstick colours and a lip gloss (each in two shades and with different finish effect on lips) and nail polish in two colours. The new collection holds also two make-up brushes for eyes and face.

If you like this collection and want to buy cosmetics by Chanel, you have to hurry. Some cosmetics are limited edition. These are mainly nail polish, quadruple eye shadow and the creamy eye shadow. However, the big brush is an exclusive product.

Colours, formula and effects

The new collection by Chanel combines natural shades with blue, red, green and grey. There are plenty natural and nude shades, even burgundy and navy blue which are trendy in the fall — winter season. Cosmetics in Travel Diary line have various finish effect in make-up: gloss and matte. The colours of cosmetics were chosen to match every skin complexion and type.

Some cosmetics in Travel Diary FW 2017/18 have moisturising action, last long on skin, provide high coverage and match every occasion. All cosmetics have a light formula for easier application, are crease resistant and do not flake. Chanel cosmetics will allow you to perform a professional make-up.

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