New mascaras from Estee Lauder: Pure Color Envy. Keep an eye on them!


Since coloured mascaras have hit the market, we all got carried away in the heat of the moment. Suddenly, eyes become colourful, makeups – extravagant, and girls’ styling – more courageous. Being amazed by the new trends, I also wanted to try out something new. I have decided to go for an Estee Lauder mascara – Pure Color Envy.

As many makeups as many colours

Estee Lauder has decided to launch a campaign of colourful looks. Therefore, the brand has released mascaras in various colour options. You can find them in purple, green or blue shades. Of course, classic black and waterproof version in the same colour could not be missing. Thanks to this range of shades, each of you will be able to create a unique look that will express your true self. The product can be used for both, the lashes as well as eyebrows by matching the colours or by creating an original and bold makeup.

What are the effects of Pure Color Envy?

Mascaras from Estee Lauder provide various coverage level. This way, the makeup will be suitable for every occasion. The brush of the cosmetic has been designed to fulfil every woman’s needs. What does it mean? The applicator has two types of fibres. The silicone bristles ones separate each lash and coat them evenly with the cosmetic, whereas nylon fibres provide volume, lift and curl lashes. This makes the eyes look bigger and even more enhanced.

Do the mascaras from Estee Lauder condition lashes?

Of course! Each of the Pure Color Envy contains Argan oil, Jojoba oil and Coconut oil. This means that the cosmetic nourishes, moisturises and strengthens lashes. Other ingredients, such as silk, soften lashes and improved their shine. The high pigment content ensures deep and vivid colour.

How to use Pure Color Envy from Estee Lauder?

The cosmetic can be applied not only to upper and lower lashes but also…to the brows! Choose one vivid colour or use a few products with different effects. Every time you use Pure Color Envy from Estee Lauder, you can be sure that the outcome will be 100% impressive! Moreover, the product is easy to remove, all you need to do is to soak a cotton pad in a good-quality makeup remover and gently press against your eyelids. Wait a few seconds to dissolve the cosmetics, then gently wipe it off.

Girls, do you like to go crazy with makeup sometimes? Do you like Estee Lauder? What do you think of the looks you can get thanks to the range of colourful mascaras?

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