How to choose a foundation for your skin type? The most important rules


Choosing a foundation for your skin type is no easy task. You have to consider many variables while remembering that skin’s needs are the priority. If you have no clue where to start, this post will hand you some easy tips. Enjoy the read.

How to choose a foundation for your skin type?

When choosing a foundation for your skin type, you have to take into consideration:

  1. Skin tone
    Check whether you have a warm or cold skin tone. It is easiest to assess in the daylight. Take a piece of paper and place it against your face, if the skin will appear blueish or pinkish, you have a cold skin tone. However, if the skin appears yellowish or goldish, you have a warm skin tone.
  2. Choosing the best shade
    The well-chosen foundation should be invisible like your second skin. The finish should be as natural as possible. How to choose the best shade? Apply a few colors of your choice on to the jaw. After a couple of hours check which one is the least visible on the skin. This is the one you should choose.
  3. The right action
    The action, properties, and ingredients match with your skin type. Mattifying foundation will work for mixed and oily skin, while for dry and normal skin best is a moisturizing and lightly highlighting product.

Foundation and skin type

If you opt for natural, long-lasting, and beautiful makeup, then match a foundation to your skin type, and so:

  • dry skin likes liquid foundation that nourishes and moisturizes, best with vitamin E;
  • sensitive skin and mineral or pharmaceutical foundation are a great mix because this cosmetic can minimize irritation;
  • mixed skin will benefit from double power foundation that mattifies the T-zone and moisturizes the cheeks;
  • oily skin will get along well with a mattifying foundation that also regulates sebum secretion;
  • mature skin makes a perfect duo with lifting and slightly shimmering foundation;
  • couperose skin likes covering foundation that is also able to strengthen the spider veins.
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