How to use sheet masks? Simple tricks that speed up their action

Why is it worth applying face masks? Simply, they are good and that’s it. There is no point in dwelling on this matter and you have to just accept the fact that no face cream is able to deliver such profound effects as a decent face mask can. You should know that face masks:

  • are more concentrated and rich in nourishing substances;
  • are used for deep and long-lasting skin care;
  • are suitable for various skin types of different problems;
  • can be treated as a pleasant and relaxing treatment.

Cosmetic market offers various kinds of face masks. It wasn’t that long ago when I used to apply standard tube face masks which had to be distributed either with fingers or with a special brush, wait until gets dry and then rinse precisely with lukewarm water. Quite mundane task therefore I didn’t take advantage of these cosmetics often. My lifesaver is:


Special occasions requires special means and methods that work fast. When we prepare for some important meeting, we usually don’t have time for applying and removing of face masks. The ideal product is a sheet mask. I love it and I’m faithful to it since the moment these Asian cosmetics have reached me.

Why sheet masks are better?

We save time that we usually devote to applying a regular face mask because all that we have to do is take out a ready, usually cotton cloth (if I can call it that way) which has holes for eyes, lips and nose, and put it to on face. It’s soaked with concentrated serum. This is a convenient solution, isn’t it?

The wide range of sheet masks is yet another advantage because we can pick and choose between colourful sachets of different purpose, various complexions and many skin problems. Convenient, fast and effective – there is nothing more I need from a face mask.

What can be done to make a sheet mask work in a more intensive way? I’m going to reveal my secret so you will see that you can get 200% efficiency from each sheet mask. There is just one, easy way.

TRICK: Warm the sheet mask up!

Before we give ourselves up to a moment of relax wearing our sheet mask, let’s warm up it a little bit using a blow-dryer or just by putting it under the stream of warm water. Of course, do it when the sheet mask is still in the sachet. Otherwise, you will dry out the item or wash away the serum. When warmed up, the sheet mask will be more effective because skin pores will open when exposed to the high temperature. Warm sheet mask is absorbed easier and works deeper.

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