How to Pamper Body After Summer? Autumn Hair & Skin Care

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Summer’s gone, the school year’s here. Although we don’t enjoy the autumn weather, our skin and hair love it. Why? We finally have the time to take care of our looks. Check my skin care after summer.

How do my hair and skin look after summer?

Sunrays left a few summer souvenirs on my skin – redness, moles and pigmentation spots. It hasn’t restored its shape after sunbathing. To make things worse, I noticed a few spider veins. My hair was hard done by the sunlight, too. It’s dull, coarse, ends are splitting. How do I bring my hair and skin back to life?

Let’s say goodbye to suntan

Obviously, every girl would love to keep the tan as long as possible. However, avoiding scrubs isn’t a good solution. Girls, who use sunbeds, make a mistake as well. Several days after the last sunbath, the skin starts peeling off, the body gets an uneven tan. You have lighter and darker spots. You can get skin cancer in extreme case. How to deal with it?

Do a scrub a few days after summer holidays. Go to a beauty salon or do the treatment at home. Gently exfoliate the skin to avoid irritating the freshly tanned skin. Thanks to exfoliators, you will eliminate dead cells, even out the skin tone and get rid of post-sun spots. Use pumice or a brush to do away with the extremely dry skin on your elbows and knees.

Which products make a good choice after summer?

You will need moisturising and soothing cosmetics. On a daily basis, apply products that provide your skin and hair with the right hydration and smoothness. Try out cosmetic oils that work amazingly both for hair and skin. Make yoghurt, camomile or green tee compresses. Enrich your bath with the emollient salt and moisturising oil.

How I care for my hair after summer?

Hair needs special care after summer time. You must repair, hydrate and strengthen your hairdo. Use rebuilding and nutrient-rich shampoos, as well as masks and conditioners to deliver moisture. Hair oils make a great choice.

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