How to Care for Skin in Harsh Conditions? Camping, Far-Away Bike or Sea Trip

Hi, hola and salut!

Hello to all travellers and conquerors of far-away corners of the world. You’ll find something special in the post. Because every woman must have makeup and hair always ‘done’, I decided to show it’s possible even in hard conditions.


They are useful even in harsh conditions. While packing the travel bag, we must remember to stick to some rules. Firstly, let’s take environmentally-friendly, detergent-free and biodegradable cosmetics. After all, we don’t want to pollute the environment, leave plastic under the trees and pour chemicals into the water. Secondly, let’s take multitasking beauty products. A face, body and hair washing product works great while travelling. This rule is connected with another one that every travelling girl must follow. Thirdly, pack the least products you can. Surely, you will need UV cream, two-in-one body and hair product, moisturiser and deodorant. Even most experienced travellers won’t drag bags filled with beauty products. Unless they hire a porter.


Travel skincare routine can be troublesome but you know… nothing’s impossible if you really want it. Let’s be honest. We can shower in the rain, clean plates and mugs with the sand and wash clothes in the river. There’s always a way, even in extreme conditions. However, if you’re sick and tired of using the rain water, take a break and make use of the civilization – a bathroom. Public bath is a great invention, even for those who value Mother Nature yet miss ‘normal’ living conditions.


It’s crucial while travelling. We must protect both our skin and the environment. Choose fragrance-free, colorless and fully natural products if you plan on bathing in the river. They will neither irritate your skin nor pose threat to nature. If you’ve used up a product, don’t throw it away carelessly. Pack it in the bag and put in the bin.

Now you know the rules for staying in natural surroundings. Pack your bag and hit the road! 

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