How to Do Away with Under-Eye Puffiness & Dark Circles? Cream, Makeup, Easy Hacks

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When puffiness or dark circles appear under your eyes after a sleepless night, you must quickly cover them or do away with for good. Read on and find a few tips to achieve the goal. Enjoy!

Under-Eye Skincare

Drinking a lot of water every day is the key skincare rule. In this way you will smooth the skin, make wrinkles less visible and improve skin density and firmness. You should also do some basic blood tests. Under-eye dark circles can be the symptoms of iron deficiency.

Good remedies for puffy eyes and dark circles: massage with ice cubes, pressing cold spoon, cucumber slices or tea bags to the skin. Low temp increases blood flow thus reduces under-eye imperfections. Cucumbers brighten pigmentation spots and moisturise dry and sensitive skin. Tea bags facilitate the flow of blood and lymph, leaving the skin firm and smooth. Remember to avoid aromatic teas and hot bags. Use green tea bags but cool them down in the fridge first.

Under-Eye Creams

A good eye cream should be composed of strongly moisturising, soothing and cooling ingredients. You must apply it the right way to enjoy desired effects. Tap (never rub) the cream to clean and dry skin with fingertips, before other cosmetics. Apply the product above the brow ridge and right above cheekbones. Skip the skin under the lower eyelids to avoid eye irritations. Wait until the cream absorbs and apply other facial products.

Under-Eye Puffiness and Dark Circles Camouflage Makeup

Start with the moisturiser; apply it following the instructions above. Next, use foundation and concealer to camouflage wrinkles and blemishes under the eyes. You may as well use a colored corrector. The purple one delivers freshness and ruddy shades. Apricot hue covers blue veins whereas yellow – camouflages dark circles. The pink concealer deals with brownish rims. The green one conceals redness and broken blood vessels.

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