Never Make These Mistakes! How to Take the Right Care of Hair & Skin?

Hi, girls!

We all desire to be beautiful and forever-young. Sadly, not all girls know how to achieve it. Some of us simply know nothing about the right hair and skin care. Check the mistakes you must avoid to amaze with your looks all the time.

What about your neck and cleavage?

If you want to have a pretty and healthy skin, introducing one important rule is a must. Your skin needs full care. You can’t apply a cream to your face, avoiding the neck and cleavage. Moreover, the skin on the neck and cleavage ages very quickly. I bet you wouldn’t like to have a smooth face and wrinkles below the jawline. That’s why tap a moisturiser to the skin every morning and evening. During the application, you can massage the skin for extra firmness, increased blood flow and smoothed wrinkles.

Moisturise instead of drying

Lots of girls try to remove sebum on their faces at all costs, using alcohol-based products. They don’t even realize the harm they do to their skin. Drying products intensify the work of sebaceous glands and consequently – sebum secretion and acne breakouts. What can you do to keep skin healthy and free from inflammation? Use moisturising and soothing cosmetics that are perfect for problematic skin.

Wash your bedsheets and towels, clean the brushes

As it turns out, they also affect the condition of our skin and hair. Dead skin cells, dust mites and other dangerous bacteria settle in damp towels and unfresh bedsheets. That’s why washing towels and sheets at the temp above 60ºC matters a lot. Change them once a week (towels) or every two weeks (bedsheets).

Remember to regularly clean your makeup accessories. Scrub the brushes and wash the sponges once a week. Clean the beauty bag and all cosmetic containers. Dust your dressing table, clean the mirror and wipe all makeup tubes and jars. Always put brushes into cases so that dust can’t settle on them. Just think… if you don’t keep your brushes clean, the makeup product leftovers will be transferred from the accessories onto your skin. Result? Acne breakouts, irritations, excessive sebum production, blackheads…

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