How To…? Perfect Makeup for a First Date – My Tried&Tested Methods

First dates usually trigger emotions. You know what I mean: butterflies in your stomach and a smile that doesn’t come off your face. The excitement that can’t be compared to anything else (hmm… maybe to looking forward to opening Christmas gifts in our childhood).

Many of you must be wondering what to do to feel good and self-confident on a date. You don’t want to worry about your looks while talking to your date. How does my makeup/ skin/ hair/ eyelashes look? Is my lipstick smudging? Use my tried and tested methods to avoid such unnecessary thoughts. You’ll stop thinking about the appearance and focus all your attention on the guy sitting next to you.

First date. Precious tips:

  1. Don’t change your looks drastically. If something goes wrong, you’ll shock instead of impress. You’d better forget about going to a hair salon for a radical haircut or visiting an aesthetician for a skin treatment. Your skin might need some time afterwards.
  2. Think about the place you’re going to. Different types of makeup suit an elegant restaurant, a rock concert or a stroll in the park. If you don’t know where your date’s taking you, why don’t you take a beauty bag with a red and neutral lipstick, eyeshadow in delicate, pastel hues or nude, and more intense shade in case of a fancy place.
  3. A perfect makeup means you make sure your skin is moisturised and you use a primer (matching your skin type). As a result, your makeup will be long-lasting and attractive. Remember also to use reasonable quantities of cosmetics. You don’t need to apply the half bottle of foundation for camouflage. In this way, you’ll never create an ideal and natural-looking makeup and your face will look like a mask. You should apply a pea-size drop of primer and foundation.
  4. When you apply a mascara and lipstick, also remember that natural effect wins over looking cheap and tacky. Neither clumpy lashes nor bright colors on your lips will impress your partner. I doubt if he’ll have a chance to look into your eyes, distracted by tons of mascara. Natural lipstick, beige eyeshadow that illuminates the eyes, a high-quality mascara and (most of all) a smile – the best elixir of beauty in the world.

To be honest, I’d prefer to go on a date without any makeup rather than wear tons of beauty products that take away women’s naturalness and charm. Let the man know the real you. You’re most beautiful just the way you are. Take care!

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