Make-Up Faux Pas We Unconsciously Commit

The complicated art of make-up for many women remains beyond the scope of their abilities. In spite of performing make-up on the day to day basis, reaching the perfection is not easy. What are the make-up mistakes we commit most frequently?

I got lucky to have some manual skills and I like drawing, so I had no problem with transferring it to the make-up. Blending eye shadows or creating symmetrical lines is a walk in the park for me.

Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky and for many women creation of the perfect make-up is an obstacle impossible to skip. We still commit the same mistakes that are discussed almost everywhere these days.

Here’s (in my opinion) 3 most common MAKE-UP MISTAKES. Are you guilty of them as well? If yes, stop it now! 🙂

Mistake 1. Make-up in the dark

Truly, I understand a lot, because it often happens that we get ready for the work when it’s still dark and grey outside and we are so sleepy. However, this has a highly unfavourable impact on your work with brushes and contouring palette. I encourage you to invest in high-quality artificial light over your mirror (best around it). Insufficient amount of light gives you an impression of make-up not being intense enough, when in fact when you go out into the daylight, it looks, said to the least — unnatural. Girls, perform your make-up always in the toilet or by the dressing table with a big mirror and good lighting.

Mistake 2. The same foundation shade all year long

You hear about it rarely, but it’s very important. Most women use the same shade of foundation, concealer and powder all year long, which is a huge mistake. Come on, you know well enough that the skin colour changes along with the seasons of the year. In the summer, you gain some tan, skin is darker, and in the winter your skin becomes paler. I suggest you take it into consideration and have at least two shades of foundation for the winter and summer because the use of one and the same can at most cost you mask effect and this visible difference between the colour of your face and neck.

Mistake 3. Using the expired cosmetics

I feel stupid, that I have to write about it. However, the truth may be surprising — frequently we use cosmetics that are expired or we are just unaware of this fact. We do not put much attention to the expiry date on the cosmetics and the PAO sign. Unfortunately, it also impacts the make-up quality. Application of the eyeshadow unused for three years or blusher you found at the bottom your old cosmetic bag is the first step to bad make-up and in the worst case scenario can contribute to all sorts of irritations and allergies.

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