Skincare Gadgets You Must Know!

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Today’s post is devoted to gadgets that make beauty routine much easier. You probably haven’t heard of some of them. I browsed through the deepest corners of the Internet and found a few that I’d never come across. Some of them are quite useful while others… well, it’s good to know they exist!

If you’re curious about the beauty gadgets I’ve got for you, keep reading!


Massage Roller (e.g. jadeite roller)

Face rollers have been in the spotlight recently. I was in two minds about getting one but I gave it a shot and I’m happy with the results. The rollers are made from jade or quartz and they give a nice cooling feel on the skin. You can find different rollers which differ in material, size and color, but they serve the same purpose. Roller massage before applying serum or moisturizer effectively stimulates microcirculation and promotes full absorption of nutrients from cosmetics. Besides that, the roller tightens, smoothes and adds elasticity, keeping the face young-looking.

Gua Sha for Face Massage

If you don’t want a smooth massage with a roller, try gua sha. It’s made from stone like rollers but it has a different shape. This flat piece of stone is shaped so as to reach all corners of the face. Using it differs from roller massage: you don’t smooth it across the face but use a delicate scraping motion. Personally, gua sha isn’t my thing and I think using it is more tricky. I stick to the jade roller.

Beauty Blender for Skincare Products

Beauty Blender makes us think of make-up. Do you know it’s skincare version is also available? The egg-shaped, white sponge is perfect for applying a moisturizer. It eases the application of skincare products like face creams, serums or eye creams because it reaches every inch of the skin, delivering an optimal amount of product. Clean hands, no dripping, no problem! I really like this gadget.

Sonic Face Brush

Speaking of skincare gadgets, I must mention a sonic brush which is a thing that helps clear the complexion deeply. Thanks to the “bristles” the brush gently exfoliates dead epidermis and unblocks the pores for deeper face cleansing. In turn the skin looks more radiant, smoother, and plumper. Too bad this gadget has a flaw. It’s pricey and not everyone can afford it – you’re left with your hands or a manual brush/sponge.

LED Face Mask

Last of all, a thing which I haven’t decided to try. First of all, I don’t like the price of such devices, and, secondly, they look quite weird… I’m talking LED light-emitting masks that you put on the face to encourage skin repair and make the face younger. This gadget lets us perform light therapy – used at best salons – at home. If you’re big on new technologies in skin care, it is definitely worth trying, particularly on aging or acne-prone skins. LED light enhances the absorption of nutrients, and promotes synthesis of collagen and elastin. This makes the mask a brilliant anti-aging and skin-repairing tool.

My roundup of beauty gadgets is complete. Let me know which ones you know. Do you use any of them on a regular basis?

I’d love to know what you make of them!

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