Highlighter – All You Need to Know

The highlighter is an extremely important element of every make-up and for some of you the most important. Use of highlighter can take away few years, add some elegance or craziness. It all depends on the highlighter you use and how you apply it.

Unfortunately, it is cosmetic that is mostly not as popular as mascara or powder. Without the two cosmetics, you are unable to go out, while the highlighter is often dropped out, and you do not give it much thought. We do not even realise that in fact, skilful skin highlight is the key to:

  • three-dimensional make-up;
  • makes even dull and fatigued face full of glow;
  • allows you to model face oval, e.g. slim it down.

How to apply the highlighter?

In the whole fun with the highlighter, it is all about using it skilfully. Highlighting correct parts of the face can bring very different effect than the intended. Here’s few simple make-up tricks for people who just start their adventure with the highlighter:

  1. Highlighter under the brow ridge makes eyes bigger and lifts skin in the eyes’ area.
  2. Highlighter on the cheekbones makes skin radiant and ensures 3D effect.
  3. Highlighter on the chin makes lips optically bigger.
  4. Highlighter on the cupid’s bow provides lips with seductive and full appearance.
  5. Highlighter in the inner eye corner covers fatigue and makes you look fresh.
  6. Highlighter on the bridge of the nose makes it optically slimmer and shorter.

Perfect highlighter — how to choose it?

Choice of the highlighter is not an easy task. You have to choose its form. Mostly recommended are highlighters in form of pressed powder or loose that allows more natural effect. It is better when the highlight has no large brocade kind of particles, which has also a major influence on the natural final effect.

The most important is colour, obviously. For natural effect go for silver or gold, sometimes with violet, pink or orange shimmer. Warm colours choose for warm skin undertones, while cold for the cold undertones.

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