How to blow-dry hair safely? Valera Metal Master Ionic can be very useful


Did you know that during blow-drying, you can seriously damage the hair structure? That is why it is so important to choose proper cosmetics and styling tools. Recently, I have been using Valera Metal Master Ionic blow-dryer. 

Safe blow-drying – how? what for?

The hot air produced by the styling equipment leads to significant damage to the hair. What are the effects? The strands become dull and dry, fall out and break, the ends split and the scalp can be irritated. If you do not want to expose your hair to such damage, you should apply proper cosmetics as soon as possible and change the hot styling equipment. Thanks to such efforts, your hair will be resistant to damage and protected from high temperatures. What is the safe drying of hair like, in my opinion?

Valera Metal Master Ionic blow-dryer a method for beautiful hair

Not only it looks like a space gadget, it also minimizes the risk of hair damage. Let’s start with the design. The modern shape of the handle facilitates the use of the product, and the thin nozzle ensures concentration of the air stream on one strand of hair. The dryer is made of chrome, metal and steel – the whole thing looks very impressive. The device also uses Tourmaline Ionic Technology. The tourmaline element prevents hair from getting static and frizzy, ensures smoothness and safety during styling. A similar task is performed by the ionization function.

How does the blow-dryer affect the hair condition?

It would be a small exaggeration if I said that a blow-dryer conditions the hair. The fact is that ionization and tourmaline, which I mentioned earlier, have an anti-static effect. However, there are other functions of Valera Metal Master Ionic blow-dryer responsible for safety. Those include: up to 6 degrees drying power, cool airflow and a diffuser. The 3-meter-long cable also simplifies the styling.

Does your blow-dryer matter when it comes to styling and hair care? What kind of tools and cosmetics do you use? Have you already tried out the Valera Metal Master Ionic blow-dryer?

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