New From Clinique! Matte Lip Powder Pop Lip Shadow


You can finally go ahead and put aside all your lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip balms. Clinique has decided to surprise us all with their new lip product. The brand has just released a matte lip powder – Pop Lip Shadow. How did it work for me? Is it worth recommending? Let’s check it out. 

How is Pop Lip Shadow different from traditional lipsticks?

Let’s start with the appearance. Matte lip shadow from Clinique does not come in the traditional form of a stick. It has a soft applicator instead. What is more, in the box, there is a separate container with the coloured powder. Before the use, you must take off a white cover that is there to prevent the product from scattering.

What are the effects of Pop Lip Shadow?

The cosmetic has a delicate consistency thanks to which, it is easy to apply. It is moist so it glides evenly on the lips without any problems, covering them with pigment. Additionally, you can control and adjust the colour intensity by pressing the applicator moderately. The Clinique lip shadow provides velvety finish, does not dehydrate the lips and the colour last a good few hours. By choosing the proper colour and balancing its saturation, you can create the effect that will be suitable for every occasion.

How to use Pop Lip Shadow from Clinique?

Since it is such a peculiar cosmetic, the application is not so ordinary either. Before you use it, you must firstly, combine the applicator with the powder. In order to do that, you must take off the white cover (as I have mentioned it before), turn the applicator and apply the powder directly to the lips. If you want your makeup to be 100% perfect, apply a moisturising lip balm prior to the Clinique Pop Lip Shadow powder.

Are you a fan of Clinique cosmetics? Have you used a matte lip powder Pop Lip Shadow from Clinique? Do you know and recommend any other extraordinary cosmetics?

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