Help Your Make-Up Survive Summer Heat Waves!

High temperatures and blistering sun do not go with foundations, mascaras and eyeshadow. In the summer, colored cosmetics can make an unpleasant surprise and drip off the face. If you want to avoid a make-up meltdown, use these easy hacks.

Proper Face Skin Care

If your make-up is to last as long as possible, you should take good care of your face skin, not only in summer. First of all, moisturise. Creams prevent the occurrence of blemishes and provide hydration in the deepest layers of the skin. Second of all, protect. Use sunscreen in the summer. The product will save your skin from sunburn, discoloration and wrinkles. Thirdly, cleanse. Make-up will last all day long only on the clean and smooth skin. Remember to cleanse the pores, remove dead skin cells and excess of sebum.

Make-Up Primer

Primer extends the durability of make-up. Drugstores offer cosmetics that not only prevent cosmetics from dripping off. Nowadays, make-up bases have lots of other properties. They moisturise the complexion, camouflage imperfections, nourish and protect from UV radiation. Make-up primers that are supposed to make your make-up longer-lasting are easy to apply, have a lightweight formula and contain silicones.

Waterproof Cosmetics

Must-have for girls who wear full make-up in the summertime. Such products are resistant to water, sweat, tears and rain. You can choose between mascaras, foundations, concealers and eyeshadow palettes. If you are planning on long journeys, seaside sunbathes or crying at your best friend’s wedding, go for such cosmetics. Just remember to match their qualities and ingredients to your skin type.

Fixing Make-Up

To prevent make-up from dripping off during summer heat waves, use fixing sprays, powders or baking method with a transparent powder. Thanks to these products, make-up becomes waterproof and extremely durable. Obviously, you must remember that removing products that are resistant to water, sweat and tears take a bit more time.

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