Delia Hyaluron Fusion Lifting Under-Eye Roll-On (Review)

A few months ago, I got my first roll-on eye cream. I’d never used such products before and I regret that. Roll-ons are brilliant alternatives to regular eye creams I used to apply. What’s the effect of using Delia + 3D Hyaluron Fusion Roll-On?

Product’s details:

The lifting roll-on is an innovative technology that’s been designed to effectively tackle wrinkles and signs of tiredness. The hypoallergenic formula, housed in a handy applicator with a cooling massaging tip, combines two types of hyaluronic molecules and it’s based on the complex of natural ingredients. Which ones?

Intensively-hydrating hyaluronic acid plays the first fiddle in the product. It aims at filling wrinkles in. The additional components – plant stem cells – stimulate natural skin-repair processes. 3D complex – bearing a mysterious name – enhances the moisture. There are also two plant extracts – the Eyebright extract for skin illumination and the Buckeye extract which improves the micro-circulation and eliminates swelling.

My review

I’ve been using Delia + 3D Hyaluron Fusion Lifting Roll-on for three months and I still haven’t used it up so the product definitely lasts for a long time. The application of the hyaluronic formula is super nice thanks to the cooling tip. It’s the first time I’ve come across this kind of applicator; I fell for it during the very first use because of the relaxing massage. It’s like a skin and eye compress after a hard day. I think I’ll never go back to regular eye creams (which must be applied with fingertips).

When it comes to the Delia roll-on benefits, I’m not impressed. What do I mean? The pluses first – the hyaluronic roll-on instantly soothes the under-eye irritation, reduces puffiness; the awful dark circles disappear after just two days of use (at least for me). Hyaluron Fusion Roll-On gently moisturises but it’s not the kind of hydration lasting all day long. The lifting effect is visible but I never had problems with saggy skin so I can’t say if the roll-on improves the elasticity. It’s similar in case of wrinkles because I don’t have them. Still, the roll-on is a great way to get rid of the signs and feeling of tired eyes.

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