Auriderm® Xo – My Secret of Even Skin Tone

Have you ever had such a bruise that was changing its shades for weeks and blemished your skin? The one you got by accident (like me, while cycling, for example) and then you couldn’t get rid of it? Until recently, I thought it was a problem that couldn’t be solved. I’ve got the bruise so now I have to live with that, there is nothing to do about this but wait.

This was my way of thinking until I came across Auriderm XO Cream!

I want to tell you why I find this cream the best for bruises and any other minor skin lesions. For me, this cream works marvellously therefore I decided to devote a separate post to this product. Maybe some of you struggle with a similar problem and will find the solution here.

Auriderm® XO – about the product

Auriderm XO Cream for bruises was developed by Belgian dermatologists and was introduced onto the cosmetic market under the name of Auriga laboratory. This brand was established in 1997 in Belgium and became famous for creating a revolutionary serum of very high ascorbic acid concentration. The aim of the brand is to create cosmetics that are safe and effective therefore Auriderm XO is said to be the outcome of implementing the newest technologies into the field of dermatology.

It might sound scientific but I didn’t want to downgrade the Auriga immense success it owns to producing such cosmetics. And now something more interesting, so let’s concretize!

How does it work?

Auriderm® XO Cream for bruises and minor skin lesions:

  • reduces the visibility of bruises and minor skin lesions;
  • strengthens and fixes walls of blood vessels;
  • regenerates skin after aesthetic medicine treatments;
  • eliminates developing erythema;
  • accelerates skin self-renewal processes.

What does it contain?

My beloved Auriderm XO Cream is a combination of the best vitamins that skin finds irreparable to function properly. The preparation contains concentrated dosages of vitamins K, C and E. Just take a quick look at the features each vitamin has and how they affect skin.

  • Vitamin K – counteracts haematoma, limits blood vessel damages, reduces seasonal erythema, accelerates skin regeneration, reduces skin redness and contracts enlarged capillaries.
  • Vitamin C – effectively neutralizes free radicals, restricts excessive sebum production, eases acne signs, activates regeneration and rejuvenating processes, protects against UV radiation, adds shine to skin and delivers moisturising action.
  • Vitamin E – it essential for skin cells to regenerate, counteracts dehydration, protects against free radicals, reduces visibility of discolorations, limits skin roughness, facilitates removal of dead epidermis cells and supports healing processes of inflammation.

Personally, I think that Auriderm XO is a perfect combination of vitamins and additional substances which, when mixed together, work for my skin as a soothing balm. It’s time for you to find out whether this product is designed for you too!

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