Spring Trends. Is Make-Up Going to Be Replaced with Stickers?

I just had to take my stand in this case. Can stickers replace make-up? Since I’ve heard of the trend, I can’t stop thinking about it. I decided to test stickers on my face and share the experience and my opinion on the blog.

Sticker make-up takes the Internet by storm!

Newest trends can steal women’s hearts in the speed of the light. It is enough it appears on the runway, or it is created by someone famous, and it is an instant hit. When it comes to the make-up stickers, the popularity has here different source, and it ‘s hard to determine who started it. It is like just at some point my Instagram began to boil up with pictures of make-up made with stickers. Have you noticed that too?

Back to the childhood?

As far as I’m concerned, we are going back in time a little bit. At least several years back (for some even several dozens). Way back to the moment when we had a couple of years and passionately collected stickers, e.g. attached to the magazines. We have placed it everywhere we could, including ourselves. There was a time when I proudly wore a shiny star in the corner of my eye, and I thought it was the best decoration ever. My parents just smiled at it, but I was over the Moon with it. And you know what? Nowadays, that make-up would have been perfect for this trend. Therefore, no questions ask, we have gone back in time to our childhood.

Sticker make-up. What should you know about it?

It can be a perfect way to introduce some diversity to your make-up or to entirely replace it. When I tested make-up stickers, it was an addition. Although I have come across some extravagant make-ups, that were performed entirely cosmetic free. However, sticker make-up is not for me.

Make-up stickers can have all sorts of forms:

  • subtle flowers or cubic zircon attached, e.g. in the corner of the eye to gain more fresh look;
  • eyeshadows applied on the eyelid as a patch;
  • decorative, finely made self-adhesive lines or eyebrows;
  • slightly more extravagant make-up tattoos, e.g. on the cheek.

Momentary trend?

Fans of sticker make-up claim that application of sticker eyeshadow or eyeliner on the eyelid is less time-consuming than standard make-up. Even someone who is not skillful in make-up can handle eyebrow decoration with a sticker, and if it’s crooked, you can just adjust it. However, in my opinion, that is only a momentary trend. Way better is ‘no make-up’ look than decorating your entire face with stickers. I’m not saying I will never try this solution. Maybe for a summer festival where stickers are the perfect idea to go for. However, I will certainly not use it on a daily basis.

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