How do I take care of my lips? Balm Lip Fetish by Pat McGrath


Lip make-up is not all. In order to help lips look pretty and be 100% conditioned, you have to use appropriate cosmetics. This task is way easier with the aid of Lip Fetish by Pat McGrath. How does it work and will the cosmetic help you as well? Check out yourself.

What does harm lip skin?

However, before you learn how the balm by Pat McGrath works, I’m going to tell you how to take care of lips. Why should you care for this? Lip skin is very thin and prone to various types of damages. It is damaged by low temperatures, exposed to improper care or total lack of it, as well as being in contact with free radicals. What might surprise you, bad eating habits and drugs can also contribute to worsened lip skin condition. Effect? Lips become dry and chapped, corners start featuring little wounds. Moreover, passage of time also takes its toll. With age, collagen and hyaluronic acid levels reduce gradually and what is connected with that, look and shape of lips become worsened. In short, lips become dehydrated, thin and flabby.

How to take care of lips?

In order to protect my lips, I’ve chosen Lip Fetisch by Pat McGrath. Of course, you can choose any other similar cosmetic. Just remember that the product has to contain moisturising, protective and smoothing features. Moreover, a lip protecting cosmetic should house a few vitamins, vegetable oils and other substances that will take care of skin. I think that consistency also matters. I bet you know lipsticks and lip glosses which dry out when applied and dehydrate lips. Moreover, in order to make your lips well-conditioned, you need to reach for products containing lipid-replenishing features so a protective coat can be created on your lips.

Can Lip Fetisch by Pat McGrath protect my lips?

Of course, it can! From the very moment I started applying the balm, my lips have become smooth, soft and elastic. They are better moisturised thanks to which doing make-up is now easier and lipstick wear stays true longer. Moreover, Lip Fetisch by Pat McGrath provides protection from free radicals and, additionally, nourishes skin and prevents pre-mature aging. The balm is colourless, yet it leaves slightly shimmering protective coat. I totally recommend you this beauty product!

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