How to apply under eye cream the right way? Mini Guide with Sesderma ‘Retises CT’


I’m not sure whether this info will surprise you but the way you adopt to apply an under eye cream is very important. If you do this right, more nourishing substances will penetrate better to inner layers of skin. What is connected with that, face becomes well-conditioned, and the look seems to be more vigorous and younger. So how to apply an under eye cream? I’m going to explain the issue using Sesderma Retises CT as an example.

Which under eye cream is the best?

First and foremost, under eye cream has to match skin type and answer the problems we want to solve due to the cosmetic. In my opinion, such a product must replenish skin with moisture and nourish. Obviously, it’s also supposed to reduce puffiness and light up dark circles under eyes. When it comes to consistency, it doesn’t matter as such because both light creams and gel formulas are absorbed equally well. A good under eye cream is the product that contains skin reinforcing and natural substances. It may (but doesn’t have to) contain a sunscreen, which protects sensitive skin around eyes from solar radiation.

Is this how I would describe my cream, Sesderma Retises CT?

This cream is exactly what a good under eye cream should be. It smooths fine lines, highlights skin and takes care of eye skin contour. It’s formula is light thanks to which it is absorbed fast, I don’t find it difficult to distribute and can be used even to treat sensitive skin. Moreover, it features many precious and beneficial ingredients: retinol, hibiscus extract, the Antarctic Ocean protein extract and substances encouraging synthesis of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elasticin. Finally, the product is closed in a small tube featuring a dispenser to make the application easier.

Mini Guide: How to apply under eye cream the right way?

To begin with, I have to tell you that just a small amount of Sesderma Retises CT cream is enough to supply under eye skin area with what it needs. The cosmetic has to be patted into skin, yet not directly at eyelash root line. Why is that? If the cream somehow manages to reach eyes, it might irritate them significantly. For that reason, it is crucial to apply the cream on brow bone and in the very place where we can feel the lower part of eye socket. What is the direction at which I apply Sesderma Retises CT? In short, while applying the cream above the eye, start from the inner corner. When it comes to the lower eyelid, of course, repeat the procedure, yet in the opposite direction. The cream needs just a few seconds to get absorbed so you may proceed with further beauty face care routine fairly fast.

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