Perfumes for adventure-seekers: Chloe, Nomade. What the perfumes and woman purse have in common?


Chloe has prepared a special perfumes for all the women who like travelling and discovering mysteries. It’s Chloe Nomade with their flowery and chypre notes, closed in a smart phial. Are you going to travel around the world and become and adventure-seeker with Chloe Nomade as your trustful fellow?

Are Chloe Nomad for you?

As the brand representatives put it, Chloe Nomade hides the spirit of adventure and the impulse to explore what is beyond the horizon. Moreover, Chloe fragrance is said to be designed for women who aren’t afraid of new experiences, are curious, have lust for adventures and seek new solutions. Also, if you feel excited about the thought of being exposed to new challenges, Chloe Nomad are made for you.

How does Chloe Nomade smell and look like?

The phial of perfumes resembles… woman purse Drew by Chloe. It is semi-circular, fair pink, it features a pink ribbon and a gold cap. There are three capacity versions of the perfume: 30ml, 50ml and 75 ml. Inside each of them, you can find aromatic liquid. You can sense freesia (head note), mirabrelle (heart note) and oak moss (base note). The entire design of the product looks really well and the subtle and mysterious fragrance is evocative of remote lands, which just wait for you to explore them.

How to use Chloe Nomade?

Just apply the fragrance as if you were putting on any other perfumes. Spray with the fragrance the body parts where you can feel the pulse. Thanks to this technique, you will help the fragrance stay with you for significantly longer. Basically, it’s a good idea to apply the perfume behind your ears, neck, wrists, inner sides of elbows and knees. Furthermore, you can also put the cosmetic on your hair. However, make sure you won’t dehydrate the strands.

Are you ready to start the expedition with Chloe Nomade?

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