How do I mask imperfections? My way is Pro Longwear Concealer by MAC


Post-acne marks and reddened complexion were always my problems. Because it wasn’t possible to cure them up within a few days, I had to learn how to mask them. I used the help (and I still use it) of Pro Longwear concealer by MAC. How does it serve me?

Pro Longwear concealer – What is it like?

Pro Longwear Concealer by MAC is perfect for me. It successfully hides my post-acne discolourations and reddened areas on my skin. I’m not sure whether it would deal with widespread and very dark discolorations, but I think that you may try to mask them with this MAC product, it won’t do any harm. Another important info is that Pro Longwear Concealer by MAC is available in 15 shades, starting from beiges reaching to dark bronzes. I’m sure, you won’t have any problems with matching the shade to your complexion. However, if somehow you have troubles with finding the right shade, you can try mixing the concealer you have with a moisturising cream.

Pro Longwear concealer – How does it work?

This cosmetic by MAC provides camouflage from light to medium as well as it delivers matte and natural effect. The shade blends with skin and holds up to a few hours. It masks discolorations and dark circles under eyes very well (although I don’t really have problems with the dark circles). Pro Longwear Concealer by MAC has creamy texture, thanks to which, it’s easy to blend and apply. The product is closed in a transparent bottle holding 9 ml of the product.

Pro Longwear concealer – How to apply?

First, skin has to be made ready so you should moisturise it and/or apply a primer. Then, you have to put the concealer on all imperfections, which in your opinion should be hidden. Use just a small amount of the product by applying it either with your finger or a small brush and then blend. Follow with a foundation. Make sure that the shades of both cosmetics differ with at least one tone. If you want to, you can apply a foundation first and then follow with concealer. The outcome will be equally good.

What are your favourite concealers, girls?

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