Top Skin-Care Choice for Long Years! Retinol: Best Ingredient in Face Serums and Creams

Does retinol still sound mysterious? This simple vitamin A turns out to be the most essential ingredient keeping the skin young.

Retinol has been in cosmetology for long and it may seem obsolete, considering all new advanced substances used in skin care. On the other hand, we can read some recent test results that show there is no better rejuvenating ingredient than retinol. This is a very good reason why we should take a closer look at vitamin A. Which retinol to choose? How to use it without doing harm to skin? See the answers below!

Retinol = Constant repair process

A fact for a start: regular application of retinol on face skin pays off. Skin is repaired, gradually becomes smoother while lines and furrows are less noticeable. The complexion looks fresh and youthful. Retinol isn’t just a marketing bulsh! If you choose the suitable one and use it the right way, I bet you will love it right away!

How to use retinol then?

Okay, let’s get to the bottom line. Can’t we use retinol just like any other skin-care product in the morning or evening beauty routine? Nope! Retinol is quite invasive and, believe me, it is immersed in repair of your skin. So, overuse of retinol won’t bring benefits. Irritation is more likely. Ideally, you should take small steps while adding it to your skin-care routine, namely, use it every 2 or 3 days before bedtime. This is enough for the first two weeks. Then, move on to daily usage, but always do it in the evening before a rich cream.

Concentration of retinol. Does it really matter?

Yes, it is quite big, particularly if your skin is hypersensitive and prone to irritations. If you’re a retinol beginner, choose a low concentration approx. 0.3% retinol in face serum. Over time, you can or even should ramp it up.

Naturally, if your skin isn’t reactive and sensitive, you don’t need to be so cautious in your retinol therapy. Even 3% retinol works well on the condition that you pick the best form of retinol.

Which retinol is the best then?

It turns out there are a couple of vitamin A forms: retinaldehyde, adapalene, retinoic acid, etc. It’s quite confusing, right? Which one to choose to get all of the promised spectacular effects?

Retinyl Palmitate is the skin-care stunner and this is the form we should seek. This ester of retinol and palmitic acid makes a brilliant antiaging treatment: it repairs skin and prevents wrinkles. On top of that, it stimulates production of collagen. This version is labeled a pro retinol and is the safest vitamin A to use on the face because of virtually no irritations.


If you want serious and highly-effective retinol therapy, use retinol face serum, not cream. Only serum can reach the dermis. A good retinol serum is a masterly skin-care product, your must-have, so choose it wisely! Nanoil Retinol Face Serum is my favourite.

What are the benefits of retinol for the skin?

I haven’t listed the effects which are the most important! What does retinol do? What skin benefits can you expect?

  • renewal of epidermis
  • minimized acne and dark spots
  • exfoliation of dead cells for young, elastic skin
  • smoothing and preventing wrinkles
  • nicer skin tone and face shape

Do you use retinol? Have you got a favourite face serum based on retinol? Leave a comment!

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