How to take care of your hair in the winter?

No, I won’t tell you WHAT damages the hair during winter, however, instead…

I know that there are thousands of posts on this topic and every blogger writes about what damages hair in the winter and how low temperatures and dry air in your homes affect the condition of your hair. Of course, it affects in a barbaric and destructive way – no one has any illusions about it in this matter. I will not elaborate on this topic, I prefer to tell you what and why it is best to take care of hair so that the hair loss in the early spring will go away without pain and regret. I have some secret recipes up my sleeve and I will be happy to reveal them today. Interested? Without further ado, let’s get started. 🙂

Have warm feelings for the hair in winter – hot oil treatment 

Natural oil is the best thing you can use when the weather outside is frightful. Heavy snowfall and severe frost are definitely not the best conditions for your hair, however, when it comes to oils, I stay faithful to them throughout the entire year (for sunny days they are also irreplaceable). Nevertheless, in the winter, I like to apply oils to my hair much more often, the minimum is twice a week. How do I perform the oil hair treatment? To be honest, I do not have a single favourite oil. I try to choose oil blends that match my hair porosity (I am the owner of medium porosity hair with the tendency to oiliness at the roots due to wearing a hat in the winter). I have discovered that all products with the content of argan oil, jojoba oil, macadamia oil work best for me. I have also tried out coconut oil but unfortunately, it was a disaster. It works well as a macerate for herbs and flower extracts.

My hair oiling method includes shampooing the hair twice – the first time is before applying oils (this way I get rid of all impurities, toxins and cosmetic build-up). I like to apply the oil to towel-dried hair and scalp. No, I do not prepare the oil blend myself, I go for the ones available online. After the application, I put on a plastic shower cap and wrap it with a warmed up towel. This way, the hair has nice warm environment and the oils are able to penetrate the interior with doubled power. After about 30 minutes (or after watching the episode of my favourite TV series <3), I wash out the hair. I allow it to dry on its own or – if I do not have the time, I blow-dry my hair, remembering that the air of the dryer is not hot.

How does hair oiling affect the hair in the winter?

  • first of all, it takes cares of the scalp and balances the level of sebum secretion (you can wear the hat without worrying about oiliness)
  • it repairs the hair’s internal structures and strengthens the bulbs, nourishing the strands from within
  • it regenerates hair, protects it against low temperatures and against dry air
  • it prevents hair loss, adds shine and elasticity, conditions the hair and prevents static
  • strengthens thoroughly 🙂 <3

Winter hair care: vitamin-nourishing mask 

Particularly in the winter, the hair needs moisturising and a generous dose of vitamins. To deliver them, random masks from a drugstore will not be enough as those are usually not suitable for scalp application. In this case, it is best to go for natural ingredients which are present in almost every kitchen, which we might not even be aware of what powers they include:) The following mask provides hair with a whole range of vitamins, nourishes and regulates the degree of hydration of the hair and the level of sebum (thanks to the content of jojoba oil). Avocado contains as many as 7 vitamins essential to hair, banana contains many minerals (including magnesium, phosphorus and calcium) and yoghurt provides adequate pH to the skin.


  • half a banana
  • a quarter of a small melon
  • half avocado
  • 1 tablespoon of jojoba oil
  • 1 tablespoon of natural yoghurt
  • with the excessively oily hair, the mask can be supplemented with a tablespoon of lemon juice

Blend all the ingredients together – the mask must have a smooth consistency without any clumps. Apply the product to the hair and leave it in for about 15 minutes. Next, rinse and wash the hair with a mild shampoo.

The mask will tame unruly strands, increase shine and leave the hair silky smooth.

Winter skin care – herbal and vinegar rinses

During winter, the hair becomes dull and dehydrated. In order to protect, moisturise, and increase its shine it is advisable to each for special herbal rinses that will seal the hair scales. What’s more, such substances also regulate the scalp’s pH and a great source of vitamins. Another advantage of using hair rinses is that they are not time-consuming. Pouring a herbal infusion or vinegar rinse down your hair takes only seconds, and the result … wow 🙂 See for yourself 🙂

Hair rinses – which ones are the best?

  • nettle infusion
  • common horsetail infusion
  • liquorice root infusion
  • hops (you can buy a ready-made extract or dried that you brew)
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • raspberry cider vinegar

Start with brewing the herbs. Next, wait until they cool down. Use the product for the last rinse after washing the hair: make sure that it reaches all the strands.

Vinegar should be diluted with water (it can be mineral) in 1: 3 ratio (1 part of vinegar, 3 parts of water) and also rinse washed hair with it.

Finally, a handful of tips that will help your hair during this chilling time.

Winter hair care – vademecum 

  1. Wash your hair in the evenings when you do not have to go anywhere – this way the hair has enough time to air dry and there is no need to use blow-dryers
  2. Dry air from the radiators has negative influence on the hair condition – it is worth purchasing an air humidifier (even the most ordinary ceramic one, which is filled with water)
  3. When you have to blow-dry your hair – us only cool settings or use a dryer with an ionization function
  4. Try to avoid cosmetics with alcohol – they dehydrate the hair
  5. Protect the ends of hair – always apply natural oils to protect the ends from damage

That’s all 🙂 I’m very curious whether you know any masks, oils or mixtures that are perfect for the winter hair care? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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