The Secret Life of Blonde Girls. How to Treat Fair Hair?

Although my hair isn’t naturally fair, for a few years I can describe myself as a blonde-haired woman because I regularly lighten up the strands and bring out its delicate shade. Therefore, I encourage you to read my personal overview of the most important information concerning hair of blond colour.

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Do men really prefer blonde women?

I frequently come across the common belief that blonde women are more sought-after by men. I totally don’t get where this conviction come from. After all, this is the taste that decides who is attractive from whom and why. To flash forward your questions, I didn’t light my hair up only because ‘gentlemen prefer blondes’. The reason was more petty – I feel better with blonde hair, and what’s interesting, since the very moment I became a blonde-haired woman, I heard many times (from men!) that brown-haired females are more sexy and I shouldn’t have turned my hair lighter. HA! The myth nailed! Ok, let’s be serious since the facts come!

Blonde hair care

Unfortunately, blonde hair is more damage-prone 🙁 This is the very reason why taking care of blonde hair requires adequate preparation and patience. Not all products are designed for natural and lightened up blondes. You have to focus on searching for cosmetics precisely created for this type of strands and be ready that, most often then not, our hair will react contrary to our expectations when treated with particular care substances. After all, beauty requires sacrifices, right?

Blond hair care – what is the most crucial about it?

First and foremost, moisturisation, moisturisation and once again moisturisation. Combine this with a protection against damaging factors, which is UV radiation, high or low temperatures, and mechanical damages, like for example, combing. How to take care of fair hair?

  • Blond hair loves herbal hair washes, especially these made of chamomile. Basically, I use them frequently because chamomile is a natural discolouring and lightening up agent. Thanks to this herb, my hair gains more natural, delicate shade of blonde and doesn’t get darker.
  • Every blond-haired woman should invest her money in a brush made of natural bristle and resign from wearing tight ties. This will protect the hair from mechanical damages.
  • Use hair masks and oils which provide hair with protection and moisturisation. Seek for the products designed especially to fair hair since these cosmetics deliver more gentle action. If you want to apply oil to your blonde hair, I would recommend to use rice oil since it’s perfect for fair hair. Additionally, it delivers protection and reinforcement to strands.

Is blonde a mistake?

Of course not! As long as you have time to conscious and delicate hair care, go ahead and lighten your hair up. Natural blonde hair don’t have choice but I think that they are pleased with the colour their strands have. Despite fair hair being thin, it can look wonderful as well!

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