My 3-Step Morning Skincare Routine for Flawless Complexion All Day

Morning skincare routine is extremely important and matters for the appearance of the skin throughout the day. I wouldn’t do without my morning routine. It takes just a few minutes, is very simple and consists of three steps!

Naturally I change my morning skincare products from time to time but the stages are always the same: cleansing, pH balancing, nourishing. If I find some new superb products, I’ll update the post.

Firstly: face wash

I start my routine washing the face after sleep. You might think this step is needless because the nighttime routine is more extensive. However, cleansing is a must to clear the face of dust, oil and dirt that might have built up during the night. Use your favorite product. I love and recommend Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser. When I’ve got more time, I like to gently massage the skin with a Foreo sonic brush.

Secondly: skin toner

I always use a toner after washing the face and drying it with a paper towel. I use either rose water or brightening toner by Miya Cosmetics. Why is a skin toner so big? Firstly, it balances the natural pH, and, secondly, it makes the skin absorb cream or serum better.

Thirdly: moisturizer

Because my skin is dry and sensitive, I like intensively moisturizing products the most, e.g. Curél Intensive Moisture Facial Cream. I sometimes use the iconic Cetaphil cream. Recently I decided to use sun creams as well but haven’t found a good one yet. Moisturizer is essential. If you apply make-up, it works as a primer. I use it even when I don’t apply any make-up. A key piece of advice: gently pat it on the skin, don’t rub the skin. Your complexion will be grateful!

Extra thing:

I like to use an exfoliant in the morning once a week or twice a week when I’m not pressed for time. I choose enzyme peel because it is mild and ideal for my sensitive complexion. I use it after washing the face or after a toner.

What do you do during your morning skincare routine? Let me know!

If you’ve got a SPF moisturizer to recommend, please do!

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