Condition-Wash-Condition Method: How I Wash Hair & What Results I Get

This hair wash method will change your hair completely!

I talk about CWC which is based on three simple steps: Conditioning, Washing, Conditioning. As can be seen, the only thing making it different from standard washing is applying conditioning products before shampooing. This small change makes all the difference: effects of CWC are remarkable! Keep on reading to see how I use the method step by step, what products I use, and, the key thing, what effects I got after just one time.

Stages of CWC step by step

1. Conditioning before washing

The first step is critical. You can secure your hair against detergents from a shampoo. For this purpose any conditioner works; you don’t need to use your favorite product here. So, I apply a conditioner on damp hair from mid-lengths and move on to the next stage. I don’t rinse it out.

2. Washing

Shampooing is another step. The product you use matters a lot. The milder the shampoo, the better. It must be free from SLS/SLES no matter which washing method you choose. I pour some shampoo on the hand palms, mix it with some water and massage it into the scalp. Next, rinse the shampoo and conditioner out using lukewarm water.

3. Conditioning after washing

Applying a conditioner again is the last (but not least) step. This time choose a rich formula containing hydrolyzed keratin, oils or panthenol. When I’ve got little time I use a conditioner. If I’ve got some more time, I apply a mask. I rinse the product out using lukewarm water after 3 or 15 minutes (depending on a type of product).

What effect of the CWC method have I noticed?

As soon as I tried the method for the first time, I figured it was the first time my hair isn’t dry after shampooing! Instead it was shiny and optimally moisturized. Plus, it keeps fresh for longer. It looks healthier, is softer and more glossy. I haven’t washed in a traditional way since I came across the CWC method.

Who is the CWC method best for?

I recommend it to anyone who has the same hair type as me: medium porosity, straight, damaged hair that tends to dry out. Besides, the Condition-Wash-Condition method is recommended for curly and highly-porous hair. Trying it on your own hair seems most reasonable. I think it won’t let you down.

Do you wash your hair using the CWC method?

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