Podologic MED. Creamy dressing for chapped heels?

Spring is here! Finally! I’m more than happy because I love wearing sheer dresses, ankle-length skirts and comfortable sandals. The truth is, I have an issue with the footwear that reveals skin because my foot skin has tendency to get chapped easily. After all, if we were to put on sandals with such bad-looking heels, we’d rather wear sneakers instead, right? Anyway, before the season for sandals is officially on, I decided to prepare my feet for it. I started applying a cream dealing with chapped heel skin Podologic MED by Ideepharm. Feel invited to read the review of the cosmetic.

I have to admit that the list of ingredients this cosmetic is made from didn’t amaze me since I had to google almost all the substances to find out what they really are. Thanks to this, I learnt that this heel dressing features well-known substances like urea, sesame seed oil, eucalyptus oil, lanoline, beeswax and propolis extract. Moreover, this hypoallergic product is enriched with vitamin F. All things considered, the composition seems to be well-thought-out since each ingredient provides moisturisation and is responsible for reinforcing lipid coat of skin. And this is what my feet lacked after surviving the winter being hidden in thick socks and heavy boots.

This creamy dressing Podologic MED is fairly dense and, to me, it should be associated with ointment, not with a cream. When it comes to the fragrance, it smells mint, which I find exceptionally appealing. Moreover, you can feel the pleasant sensation of moisturising immediately after applying the cream. The first impression the product made on me is a very positive one. I can’t bring into my mind right now any other product that delivers so stunning improvement of skin condition already at the first application. After using Podologic MED product my feet became soft, moisturised and noticeably prettier in a few minutes. Of course, callousing didn’t disappear completely. I had to wait to see this effect a little bit longer.

Yet, I didn’t have to wait as long as it was with other creams I had used. Ideepharm did its best to make Podologic MED effective and its concentrated formula to bring fast effects. So when did my feet restore their softness? You may believe it or not, but it took them only a week! Naturally, I used more than just the cream since I helped my heels to restore their looked-for softness by using a foot rasp. Now, thanks to using Podologic MED, the problem of chapped heel doesn’t reoccur any longer.

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