Tonic, milk, micellar lotion cleanser and other make-up removing cosmetics. Which one to choose?

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Today I’m going to talk about make-up removal. Every one of us does it, yet we still don’t know much about this procedure. The truth is, just few are able to explain exactly what make-up removal is. Moreover, many women confess that they don’t know the difference between micellar lotion cleanser and make-up removing milk. Also, we aren’t sure which product to reach for, nor we are positive whether we should follow with a tonic after using a micellar lotion. A significant percentage of women don’t understand why make-up removal is so crucial and why they shouldn’t fall asleep wearing colour cosmetics on their faces. Finally, many aren’t sure if a make-up removing gel or mousse are enough to free face from all the cosmetics completely.

Thanks to this entry, you’re going to learn everything that concerns make-up removal issue: what it is, why it is so important, how to start the procedure and what to use to carry it out in the right way πŸ™‚ Enjoy reading πŸ˜‰

What is make-up removal?

Make-up removal is nothing else but getting rid of all the colour cosmetics that have been worn on the face the entire day. This can be also compared to precise face washing procedure, and this is the first one, the most obvious function of make-up removal. The second, more important role of the procedure is precise face cleansing and freeing the skin from all possible toxins and impurities as well as gentle dead epidermis exfoliation so as to facilitate skin absorbing nourishing substances delivered by creams and help it stay constantly fresh, clean, smooth, young and well-rested. Make-up removal is the very core of skin care therefore it is supposed to be carried out before going to sleep but also right after waking up – make-up removal in this form equals cleansing face from the impurities and sebum that gathered at night (e.g. the residues of rich and nourishing face creams).

Why make-up removal is crucial?

It isn’t only ‘important’ or ‘crucial’. It’s worth realising that without precisely carried-out make-up removal, proper face care isn’t possible at all. In other words, make-up removal must be meticulous so it has to thoroughly cleanse skin. Simply, the better your face is cleansed, the more nourishing substances included in creams are going to be received by the skin. It’s also worth realising that neglectfully done make-up removal may irritate skin, and if not done at all, it cause clogged skin pores and dysregulation of basic skin functions. Acne, excessive sebum production, blackheads, skin dehydration and many, many other rather unpleasant changes appearing on your face – they can be the result of poorly done make-up removal.

Make-up removal. What to cleanse face with?

What is believed as the best preparation to remove make-up? What are the exact products and which should find their place on your bathroom shelf? I guess, it won’t be a ground-breaking revelation if I recommend you to use micellar lotion cleanser. In fact, this cosmetic should immediately bring to your mind associations with well-performed make-up removal procedure. To clarify, micellar lotion cleanser outclasses both heavy and often comedogenic face milks (for make-up removal purposes, of course) as well as the majority of face cleansing gels. Furthermore, micellar lotion cleanser combines the features of face milk, gel, mousse and tonic. This cosmetic leaves skin perfectly clean, attracts various toxins and takes them away from skin, removes sebum and at the same time works tonically. All things considered, micellar lotion is a 3in1 product that copes with face cleansing in a comprehensive way.

How does micellar lotion cleanser affect skin?

Micellar lotion cleanser is a water solution containing tiny, microscopic molecules called micelles. The truth is, micelles are really extraordinary particles. These tiny ‘clever guys’ haven’t only get the ability to bind water particles and repel fat particles, but also their inner particles attract fats and repel water. This makes micellar lotion work as a magnet: it attracts and takes away fat (sebum and other oily layers of cosmetics) and additionally dissolves in water solution the remaining impurities. Additionally, make-up removal done with the aid of micellar lotion cleanser is also safe since it doesn’t harm the natural protective hydro-lipid barrier of epidermis.

That’s all, my Dear Readers. Micellar lotion cleanser, despite collecting everything which is bad for our skin, supplies face with an array of conditioning, nourishing, anti-ageing substances, to name just a few. It contains numerous active agents which penetrate skin during make-up removal. In other words, at the very introductory phase we deliver an array of conditioning substances to skin making it, at the same time, thoroughly cleansed.

Who can consider micellar lotion cleanser to be suitable for them?

The truth is, micellar lotion cleanser is suitable for everyone; there are no restrictions in terms of type of skin, age of skin, colour of skin, etc. All that has to be done is matching micellar lotion cleanser to your skin type. It’s exactly the same procedure as when choosing any other type of a cosmetic: people with combination/oily skin reach for products destined for the very skin type such as people having dry skin chose products that replenish skin with moisture. It’s worth pointing out that there also micellar lotions for capillary skin, fatigued skin, mature skin, deprived of shine skin… Just every kind under the sun πŸ˜‰

Recently, cosmetic market was conquered by another type of make-up removal product, which is considered as a competition for micellar lotion cleansers because it serve skin really well. This is a veritable nourishing and regenerative bomb. What is this mysterious substances I’m talking about? Surely, you’ve already heard about it. It’s a natural oil.

Alternative to micellar lotion cleanser. Make-up removal done with oils

The spectrum of applications is almost limitless; they can be used for massaging, as body balms, as hair conditioners, masks and treatments, put on face like a serum, rubbed into fingernails, patted under eyes and even used for make-up removal.

Natural oils affect skin the same way as the elixir of youth would do, if it existed. When regularly applied, natural oils slow down skin ageing processes, prevent wrinkles, balance sebum production as well as gather residues of cosmetics and toxins from face surface. Therefore, if you would like to treat your skin with something different than micellar lotion cleanser, I’m sure that natural oils will turn out to be perfect for you. Also, I’m sure your skin will love them. As far as I’m concerned, many girls reach for a particular micellar lotion cleanser in the morning in order to freshen the face up, and in the evening they make use of natural oils. In this way, their skin receives maximum care and is thoroughly cleansed πŸ™‚

Do you use micellar lotion cleansers for removing make-up? Perhaps you reach for natural oils to free your face from colour cosmetics? Have you got the favourite oil/micellar lotion? Tell me! πŸ™‚

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