Dry Skin after a Bath. How to Enrich Water & Moisturise the Skin?

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Today on the blog – something that is surely going to attract girls whose skin gets dry after a bath. It’s been my problem, too. The moment I go out of a shower, I see hundreds of dry skin patches on my face which refuse to go away.

What makes our skin extremely dry?

Heaters, wind, temperature changes, wrong skin care, poor diet, hormone imbalance, minus temps… the list seems endless. There are different causes of dry skin after baths yet there’s one thing in common – the skin quickly loses moisture and the ability to retain water. As if it screamed for help.

Dry skin after a bath – fight it!

When I noticed my skin didn’t react to products and it was very dry and irritated after showering, I decided to act. Skin problems aren’t going to solve themselves out. Remember that. Girls often say ‘it’s going to pass’. No, it’s not. If you don’t deliver a set of appropriate conditioning ingredients, it won’t pass. You need substances that provide water and prevent it from evaporating. Believe me, there are a few magic tricks to relieve dry skin. You’ll find them in the post.

Fight the problem on two fronts:

1 – use intensively-hydrating, humectant products

2 – protect the skin from dryness with emollient-rich cosmetics

Why is your skin dry after showering?

It’s hard to define one cause. Different things can be blamed. You must know that dry skin is a more complex problem than it seems. Sometimes, one wrong ingredient of a cosmetic is to be blamed. Still, we usually treat ourselves to the problem, not caring for the skin the right way.

Common causes of extremely dry skin:

  • low air moisture in your house (40% is optimal)
  • showering products including strong detergents which cause dryness
  • not towel-drying enough; water and soap residue makes the skin dry
  • not using lotions, creams or oils after a bath
  • hot water or bath salts (increase sweating)

Check if you make any of these mistakes. Not necessarily on purpose. Most skin problems result from the unconscious care routine.


You must be wondering about the products for hydrating the skin after a bath. A game-changing tip: you can moisturise your skin while you take a bath. BUT! Don’t buy just any product. Think twice before making a choice. I’d like to share some bath products that are worth your attention and make good value for money.

1. Bath wash should be rich in moisturising and nourishing ingredients e.g. milk, honey, oats. It should also include emollients e.g. oils which lock water in. If a product contains plant extracts, it’s better for your skin because they soothe irritations. Avoid gels with strong detergents, alcohols, fragrances.

2. Bath oil is an alternative, rich in natural oils which – in my opinion – make up an excellent base for a product that is designed for the dry skin. Bath oils may include some irritating and dehydrating ingredients so always check the components. A good bath oil is a combination of natural oils and extra nutrients.

Bath salts?

Dead Sea salts are mostly recommended – rich in magnesium, calcium, iodine, sodium and potassium. Bath salts are often infused with additives e.g. algae or essential oils which stimulate the faster burning of fatty tissue. I must warn you! If you struggle with dry skin after a bath, salts are risky. Why? These products, used in large amounts, intensify sweating thus make your body lose water faster. Salts work better for oily or combination skin.

Once a week – skin repair bath

I’m perfectly aware that we’re all busy and have no time for long baths. We take a quick shower so choosing the right gel with natural ingredients is already a big change. Still, try to find some time e.g. every Saturday to treat your skin to a home SPA.

A skin repair bath must be mentioned while talking about the dry skin remedies. Appropriately-chosen ingredients change regular water into a deeply moisturising, rebuilding and nourishing elixir.

What should you add to water to hydrate the skin?

  • almond oil or finely-milled almonds
  • freshly-boiled pumpkin flesh
  • a glass of milk (feel like Cleopatra)
  • boiled flaxseeds
  • herbal infusions e.g. camomile, mint, lavender

The ingredients you add to your bath are up to you. There are lots of possibilities because there are many substances that dry skin is going to welcome. If my tips and suggestions aren’t enough, go through the blogs. Let me know when you find something interesting! 🙂

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