Let’s Go Skiing! What’s the Comfiest Hairdo?


Goggles, helmet, warm hat, headband, ear muffs. While planning on skiing, hiking or snowboarding, you want to feel both warm and safe. That’s a good thing but the choice of a hairdo matters, too, doesn’t it? In the post, find a few comfy and easy-to-do hairstyles. Enjoy reading!


It is a perfect choice for long hair. You pull your hair tightly so there will be no strands slipping out of the helmet. When you take it off, your hairdo stays untouched. What’s more, a braid camouflages greasy hair and when you unbraid the strands, you get soft waves. It’s a great hairstyle for an evening party in the mountains.


A high bun isn’t going to get in the way while slaloming or doing snowboard tricks. Secure all flyaways with bobby pins and use some hair spray. A bun is comfy when you take a helmet off or put goggles on. You can make a bun longer-lasting using tighter elastics or a net.


Make sure that your hairdo won’t cause any unpleasant situations in case of falling down on the ski slope. Make a low or high ponytail to easily hide it under a hat. Spritz the hairdo with a hair spray to keep it under control and avoid flyaways. You can also secure the ponytail with a spray conditioner or a hair oil. After all, your hair’s exposed to tearing and dehydration under the helmet or jacket.


A braid that you wrap around your head is known as a crown. If you pull your hair tight, the crown is going to go through every skiing or snowboarding trick. The best part is your hair won’t get in the way while your face receives the warm sunrays!

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