Makeup & Beauty Mistakes Your Boyfriend Pretends He Doesn’t See to Avoid Upsetting You

cake face


What’s the truth about men? They want us to look beautiful and attractive but they’re upset when you spend money on beauty products. And they say they can’t understand women… There’s one sure thing! Your boyfriend never wants to make you angry. He’s not going to tell you about too much perfume or lipstick on your teeth. What else are they going to hide?

Cake face

Let’s face it. It’s time you said goodbye to concealers, foundations, primers, powders and other cosmetics. Let’s say NO to cake faces and mask-like makeup! Men like natural looks and a minimalist makeup; your skin benefits, too. From now on, you start exchanging foundation for natural and weightless products. Trust me: coats of different products scare men away.

Clumpy eyelashes & disappearing eyeshadow

Another common makeup mistake. If you don’t how to apply mascara, give it up or watch some tutorials. If you don’t know how to choose the right mascara, ask a friend, who has more eye-makeup experience, for help. And remember – mascara clumps never look good. What about the disappearing eyeshadow? Creamy or glittery eyeshadows tend to settle in creases. When you look down or close your eyes, the shadows appear (yet not where they should). When you look ahead, it looks like your eyelids are smudged with something shimmering. Try using matte shadows or apply a primer.

Dry skin & prickly quills on legs

Men like your skin when it’s soft and smooth. Stroking dry feet or legs with prickling hairs? Nothing nice. Just think – would you rather hug a soft-fur puppy or a hedgehog? If you don’t feel like doing it for someone else, do it for yourself. Enjoy supple, smooth skin. Do away with the body hair once and for all – try laser hair removal.

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