Waterproof cosmetics. Do you know everything?


Waterproof cosmetics are a very useful invention. They are useful in extreme situations, they provide lasting makeup and a nice look. But do you know how to use them correctly, how they work and who should not use them?

What are waterproof cosmetics?

Traditional cosmetics differ in composition and sometimes in the formula. In waterproof products, we will not find water, but vegetable waxes, silicones, mineral oils, resins and natural polymers. So they are ingredients resistant to water, sweat and rain. They easily are spread and have a conditioning effect. We distinguish three types of waterproof cosmetics:

-water resistant – they are resistant only to sweat, tears and high humidity,
-waterproof – they are cosmetics resistant to water, what’s interesting, thanks to them, the makeup will not wash away while bathing in the pool,
-long-lasting – cosmetics with high durability in the summer season, unfortunately, they are not waterproof.

Discover waterproof cosmetics?

There are plenty of waterproof cosmetics on the cosmetics market. The most popular mascaras are those that contain resins, waxes and silicones. Thanks to these ingredients, mascaras are resistant to water and have a more intense colour. Waterproof eye cosmetics also include eye shadows. They have a thick consistency and spread well on the skin. We will buy them in the form of creams, sticks and pencils. Other willingly used waterproof cosmetics are also eyeliners, and not only in black colour. It is much harder to buy water-resistant, foundations, powders, lip glosses and lipsticks.

How to use waterproof cosmetics?

Unfortunately, you will not remove them with water and water-based products. For this purpose, the best are bi-phase cosmetics or those with oil content. You can also use natural preparations, such as pure coconut oil. Soak the cotton pad in the cosmetic you chose and press it down to the skin. Wait for the makeup to dissolve. Repeat this step until your skin is thoroughly cleansed.

Who should not use waterproof cosmetics?

They cannot be used by people with sensitive and allergic skin and all those who wear contact lenses. Both the use and the make-up of such products could lead to irritation.

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