Four steps to perfect makeup! How to look beautiful effortlessly?


What goes first, the concealer or foundation? Will soap be enough for a morning face wash? What eyeshadows will suit you best? These and other beauty tips can be found in my text. You will also learn how to do makeup in only four steps.

1. Prep your face 

If you do your make-up before going to work or college, all you need to do is wipe your face with a toner. The cosmetic will refresh your complexion, restore its natural pH and remove the dust that could transfer from the pillow. If you plan to apply makeup before an evening meeting with your friends, first, remove the makeup that you did in the morning. Use also a cleansing cosmetic, use an exfoliating scrub and apply a face mask.

2. Apply a cream 

Do not forget about the moisturizing cream. Thanks to it, your complexion will be prettier and the makeup will last longer. Remember to choose a cream suitable for your skin type. Once it’s completely absorbed, apply the makeup primer. It will prolong the durability of the foundation, unify the skin tone, cover up imperfections and protect the skin against solar radiation. The shade of the primer should be about a tone lighter than the skin and foundation colour.

3. Face makeup 

Time for the foundation, concealer and eyeshadow primer. Spread the foundation on all parts of the face, even the smallest ones: the wings of the nose, at the corners of the eyes and mouth, on the petals of the ears. Remember to rub it on the neck and along the hairline – this way you will avoid the unwanted mask effect. A concealer should be applied where the primer and the foundation did not hide the imperfections. Apply it under the eyes, on the darkest discolourations and dilated capillaries. Also, apply the eyeshadow primer. Thanks to it, these cosmetics will not look cakey.

4. Time for some colour!

Apply your eyeshadows. Feel free to experiment with various colours, play with makeup forms and styles. Create a monochrome makeup, smoky eyes, use pastel, bright or dark colors. Use a black or colourful eyeliner, coat your eyelashes with waterproof mascara, add a vivid colour to the lips. If you are doing intensive eye makeup, put on lipstick in light shades. If your eyes are only gently emphasized, you can go crazy with the bald lip makeup.

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