My makeup step by step

In the past, my eye makeup consisted of using a mascara. With time, I learned to choose the right eye makeup cosmetics and apply them. In my makeup bag cannot be missing a mascara, a blush (!), lip liners, eyeshadows and eyeliner. Below you will find my eye makeup in five simple steps.

STEP 1: a mascara 

I choose a mascara with lash lengthening and curling properties, thanks to which I get the effect of raised eyelids. Because my eyes are deeply embedded, I use a brush that brings out their depth – I like a strong thickening, and I intensely cover my lashes from half their length. If you want to make your eyes look wider, reach for mascaras that will thicken eyelashes and precisely separate each eyelash. Apply an extra layer of mascara to the outer corners of the eyes. In turn, if you want to achieve the effect of wide-open eyes, use a thickening and strongly curling mascara and cover it carefully from the very root.

STEP 2: a cheek blush 

A good cheek blush will enhance the entire look. For green eyes, I use a product in any shade of pink which will make the eyes pop. If your eyes are blue, choose peach blush or a cold shade of pink, and with a hazel eye, the best one will be with purple tones.

STEP 3: an eyebrow pomade

To enhance my deeply set eyes, I round the eyebrow with a pencil and slightly thicken it. Eyes deeply embedded do not like angular and thin lines. If your problem is different, that is, you would like to optically make your eyes larger (or their spacing), you can also do it with a properly used eyebrow pomade.

STEP 4: eyeshadows 

Properly chosen eyeshadows will make your eye pop. I like to use eyeshadows in eggplant or dark purple for green eyes. Regardless of the eye colour, avoid eyeshadows in the colour of your iris.
I love smoky eyes and I do them very often. Black and grey eyeshadows are perfect for this kind of look, but because I’m blonde with a fair complexion, I look too demonic in them. In my case, brown shades are a much better solution. As your eyeshadow base, you can use shades of light gold.

STEP 5: an eyeliner 

I use an eyeliner with a smooth tip that allows me to draw a very fine line. If you are a beginner, reach for the eyeliner with a triple applicator. You will get an equally precise line thanks to gel eyeliners.

This is what my eye makeup looks like step by step. How do you enhance your eyes and what effect do you want to achieve? Let me know in the comments.

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