The care of my eyes and the eye area – my methods

Eyes are like a mirror that reflect the sleepless nights, long hours spent in front of the computer and all the mistakes in skin care, which is why they require special treatment. The same applies to the skin around the eyes – very thin, lacking the lipid layer, which is why it ages rapidly. To make matters worse, it easily dries up and becomes irritated. Due to poor blood circulation and a tendency to lymphatic stasis, dark circles and puffiness appear under the eyes, which makes us look older. You can see that the skin around the eyes needs special cosmetics and extremely gentle care, so you are making a big mistake if you use the face cream for the area under your eyes. How should the care of the eyes and the skin around them look like? I would like to introduce you to my makeup methods for sensitive eyes and eye makeup removal, as well as advise you on which cream and other eye cosmetics to choose.

Eye and skin care around the eyes – makeup for sensitive eyes

Even if your eyes are sensitive, you do not have to give up on makeup application. All you have to do is follow some tricks:

  • Before using an eyeshadow, apply a slightly smoothing makeup base to your eyelids. This will allow even distribution of the chosen cosmetic and prevent it from falling apart or gathering in the folds of the skin,
  • If you cannot imagine going out without coating your eyelashes with mascara, then just don’t force yourself. Do not just forget about a good eyelash serum. You can choose the one to be applied before bedtime, after the evening makeup removal, or a serum intended for use under your mascara. Both should be used systematically, which will result in strengthening and lengthening eyelashes.

Under-eye skin care – proper makeup removal 

Make-up removal plays a key role in the daily care of the eyes and skin around them. Why? Because residues of colored cosmetics can irritate the conjunctiva and the skin under the eyes, especially during sleep. That’s why cleansing must be accurate. Ideally, it will be carried out with the use of makeup remover liquid or micellar water, which will wash off even waterproof cosmetics.

Eye and skin care around the eyes – eye cream

I mentioned that no face cream, even the best and the most expensive one, will ever meet the needs of the skin around the eyes. Why? Because eye care creams have a light texture that allows them to be quickly spread and absorbed. This way, the skin that is particularly delicate in these areas, is not exposed to stretching. In addition, under-eye creams are free of common allergens, but contain vitamins and plant extracts that provide the skin with long-lasting hydration, stimulate collagen synthesis, smooth fine lines and bring relief to irritation of the epidermis.

Choosing an under-eye cream should depend on your individual needs:

  • If your primary goal is to smooth out wrinkles, look for wheat protein in the composition of the cream (improves skin tone), vitamin C (stimulates collagen production), nucleic acids and pseudobotulin (reduce muscle shrinkage that lead to the formation of mimic wrinkles, or these muscles relax and the effect is shallow furrows).
  • If you want to eliminate dark under-eye circles or reduce puffiness, your cream should contain vitamin C and K and caffeine or herbal extracts, for example from cornflower, arnica or horse chestnut. A cream with this composition will improve the microcirculation and elasticity of blood vessels and prevent edema. In addition, it will help get rid of dark circles.

Regardless of which eye cream you choose, you must use it regularly and not be discouraged by the lack of immediate effects. Accept that you will notice them after a few weeks. (It’s really worth waiting for!)

Under-eye skin care – other cosmetics 

The cream should not be the only cosmetic that you use under your eyes. I also recommend special masks in the form of collagen patches with the addition of micronized algae, caviar extract, ginkgo or cucumber. The effect that they provide is spectacular, but unfortunately, only temporary. For this reason, it is best to use them from time to time, for example before an important celebration.

Collagen under-eye patches may have different properties that are determined by the active ingredients used. They can:

  • intensively moisturize the skin around the eyes and stimulate the removal of toxins;
  • stretch the skin under the eyes and smooth out wrinkles around the eyes;
  • lighten dark circles under the eyes;
  • eliminate swelling under the eyes.

Regardless of the composition, collagen under-eye patches instantly improve the condition of the skin around the eyes and give the eye a radiant look.

And how do you take care of your eyes and the skin around them? Do you have your favorite cream or maybe you’re still looking for your ideal products? I am waiting for your comments!

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