Semi-Permanent Lash Makeup. Would I Do Eyelash Tinting Again?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you didn’t need to apply a mascara anymore? If your lashes were so defined and enhanced that a mascara would be a needless expense. Eyelash tinting seems to be a perfect solution. I’ve tested the treatment! Enjoy reading the review. 🙂

Why I decided on the eyelash tinting?

I might say it’s a situation which forced me to go for it. It wasn’t the only option but definitely the comfiest one. Semi-permanent lash makeup seemed like a great solution for two months off work.

For the longest vacation of my life, I didn’t feel like taking a mascara, bending in front of the mirror every morning and worrying if the mascara didn’t smudge while sunbathing. I didn’t want my appearance to be a problem and wanted to make the most of the free time, relaxing on the beach. If I were to think of the mascara and how it looked… I can’t imagine that. I wanted to chill in and not worry about such things. The eyelash tinting could give me that.


It is a beauty treatment which is supposed to deliver a semi-permanent makeup – 24/7. A month without a mascara – tinting defines the eyes and delivers the effect of mascara-coated lashes for up to 4 weeks. Without the necessity for makeup removal. If you’ve ever dreamed about the semi-permanent eye makeup, it’s a good choice.

What benefits do you get? Tinting:

  • gives a beautiful and even lash color
  • intensifies the effect of eyelash extensions
  • lets you enjoy a stunning, defined look every minute of the day

It’s a perfect option for people who:

  • have no time for a daily makeup application
  • want to define their lashes in a natural way
  • have full yet light and barely-there lashes
  • look for an alternative to eyelash extensions


A special tint is used for the procedure. The treatment is non-invasive so no worries about the discomfort. A qualified beautician must do it and know which tint and applicators to use.

The treatment lasts from 30 to 60 minutes. You must go to the salon without makeup on. Eyelashes and the skin are precisely cleaned and combed out. Before tinting, lower and upper eyelids are secured with special pads. In this way, the skin won’t be smudged with the tint.

The main stage of the treatment begins when the beautician applies a special mascara (infused with a permanent tint) with a metal applicator. After every application, eyelashes are combed to make the effect precise.

That’s it! ♥

After the treatment, you get a lash comb and you’re informed about the after-care instructions. You must follow them up to 48 hours after the tinting. You can’t wash the eyes with warm water, rub them, apply a mascara, use oil-based makeup removers and thick eye creams, use sunbeds, sauna or swimming pool. It doesn’t seem to be much but remember about it.

I found out about it too late and couldn’t do lots of thing for first days of my vacation. I could have gone for lash tinting a few days before the journey.


It’s quite a new beauty treatment so the prices are pretty high. You must know that the price of tinting is similar to the eyelash extension costs, even though it requires less time and work.


Is it possible to do this at home? Professional lash tints aren’t as widely available as hair dyes so the home lash tinting isn’t going to work. You can’t do this with a regular mascara. The only option is doing the treatment by an aesthetician.

I can recommend you an alternative solution 🙂

After a few weeks, my lashes started to look faint again. No wonder, the pigment was simply washed off. I decided not to do it again because of the costs.

I decided to buy a lash-enhancing serum to repair my lashes after vacation. It turned out to be the jackpot. A regularly-used eyelash serum makes lashes darker, giving extension and volume at the same time. It penetrates the bulbs thus solves the most popular problems (lashes falling out) and promotes faster eyelash growth. The serum beautifies, increases shine, adds elasticity and defines the natural color. So, if you can’t afford eyelash tinting and rarely go to a beauty salon, a well-composed lash serum might be a good choice. Let me know if you like the idea!

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