Scrubbing Stone for Face & Body by Pierre de Plaisir. How to get smooth skin in one evening?


Generally, if you want to exfoliate dead epidermis cells, you reach for cosmetics featuring scrubbing particles, sponges or gloves, sometimes face masks. But would you say about… a scrubbing stone? Weird enough? Indeed, it’s quite an original item of equally surprising action and application. Would you like to have such a stone in your home SPA?

Stone that takes care of skin

Scrubbing stone by Pierre de Plaisir is suitable to treat almost all skin types, excluding capillary skin, acne-prone skin and super sensitive one. The product works like a coarse grained peeling. It does more than just remove the outer layers of epidermis; it also affects inner layers of dermis and minor protrusions. Scrubbing stone for face care is palm-sized, scrubbing stone for body is way bigger, yet still convenient to use. The stones launched by Pierre de Plaisir are available in three colours: white, grey and blue. My favourite is the brightest one.

How does my scrubbing stone work?

This product cleanses skin pores, exfoliates dead epidermis cells, moisturises, improves suppleness and softens skin. Regular use of this beauty product facilitates skin self-renewal processes, reduces visibility of fine lines and lightens discolorations up. Moreover, this scrubbing stone leaves skin beautifully fragranced and, when applied with any other conditioning cosmetic, it delivers even more stunning effects. Pierre de Plaisir product is made of clay, has delicate texture, is durable and adjusted to face shape.

The way of using scrubbing stone

I use the scrubbing stone in two ways. Sometimes I pour a small amount of my face cleansing gel onto the stone and then rub my face with it. The cosmetic lathers well and takes care of face skin. Also, I use the stone when my face is wet and soaped. I rub my face with the item by applying circular motions thanks to which my skin becomes delicately cleansed and exfoliated. There is no need in washing the stone after every use. However, if you want to disinfect it, you can warm it up by putting it into an oven heated up to 250°C and leaving it there for 30 minutes. Thanks to this, the stone becomes fresh and ready for use.

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