My new cheek blush from Charlotte Tilbury – Cheek To Chic


Do you know how to do a sassy makeup? The best answer to this question is given by the brand called Charlotte Tilbury. One of their cosmetics – Cheek to Chic blush will make your look classy and voguish. Keep on reading to discover what this precious cosmetic can do.

Who will I recommend the product to?

Cheek to Chic from Charlotte Tilbury can be used by all girls who want to look stunning and eye-catching. The blush is suitable for all skin types. Given the wide range of colour, everyone will be able to find their matching shade. The brand offers pink, bronze, red and beige tones: First Love, Love Glow, Ecstasy, Love is the Drug, Sex on Fire and the Climax. The products come in a round, compact container, inside, there is a mirror which makes the application easy regardless of where you are.

What effects do you get thanks to Charlotte Tilbury blushes?

Cheek To Chic blush has a creamy formula which gives a natural effect that is easy to obtain. The cosmetic has tiny particles reflecting the light. What is more, the Charlotte Tilbury cosmetic is highly pigmented and ensures a definite yet natural effect. It leaves the skin looking healthy, radiant and flawless.

How to apply Cheek to Chic blush from Charlotte Tilbury?

With the use of a wide, fluffy brush, apply a tiny amount of the blush to the apples of your cheeks. If you scooped too much of the product, just give it a flick. Cheek to Chic blush from Charlotte Tilbury will also look great on your eyelids instead of your regular eyeshadows. You might as well blend two products to obtain the desired colour. They way your makeup will look is a matter of your personal choice.

What does the blush contain?

The Charlotte Tilbury blush includes a few natural ingredients. Those are: silicon, mica providing the skin with a glow, maize seed extract, rice starch and mineral dyes. There is also talk, but this component can cause irritations, dehydrate the skin and clog pores. Therefore, if your complexion is dry or sensitive or your face is susceptible to irritation, run a test before the first use. If your skin did not react badly, then you can go ahead and use it as you like. I truly recommend it!

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